may days

May 2, 2012 at 9:14 am 1 comment

i can’t believe it’s may already. where is the year going? in six weeks i do my first tri and sab will be done with 6th grade. in seven weeks i turn <gulp> 40! but i’m going to try to not look that far ahead yet. just focus first on the month ahead. so here are may’s goals.

  1. start writing weekly workout updates again.
    these really help me stay focused and accountable. i won’t recap the last two weeks that i missed (again) but i will say i did make it back in the pool ~ only once but did a mile easy. the run was a little lite and i had a really rough 10-miler one day but i’m slowly finding a rhythm of adding two additional disciplines and feel like i might not just survive but actually run a decent race come september.
  2. solidify sab’s summer camp schedule.
    i’ve got five of the 10 weeks of summer set. two of which are vacation weeks! jekyll island, georgia followed by a week on lake murray in south carolina. i can’t wait!
  3. spend 20 minutes at least three days a week doing the PT exercises for my hip.
    i readily admit that i suck at doing what i know i need to do. i try here and there but i need to increase what i am doing so someday i can win this battle. i have downtime at work where i can easily close my office door and most of the time i don’t even take a lunch break so there really is no excuse. i’ve seen improvement over the past few months and need to keep moving forward.
  4. plan the hunter’s birthday.
    his birthday (41) is june 3. two weeks before mine. i’ve considered proposing a joint party of some sort but he’s really not a social butterfly kind of guy. maybe a night at the beach like we did last year. it’s his happy place. but i’d kind of like to do something different. any great (and inexpensive) ideas?
  5. create and order a 2011 photo book.
    i like to think that someday i am going to find the time to create amazing scrapbooks of sab’s life. i’ve got the supplies. papers and stickers. cutters and stamps. but really who am i kidding? so i’ve decided i need to just do photo books. all i need to do is organize pictures and do a basic layout then upload and order. given the zillion pictures i have on my computer this will still be time consuming but i figure i need to tackle it one year of pictures at a time.
  6. do new lease for my tenants.
    i can’t believe i moved a year ago! i swear time goes by faster and faster every year. thankfully my tenants want to renew their lease on my house so i’ve got to get that written up and signed pronto!
  7. update resume
    i like my job. i do. it’s mostly stress free and the people aren’t half bad. but i’m bored. there’s no chance for upward movement. and i thrive on challenge that no longer presents itself in what i do. so it’s time to look. not leap. but it can’t hurt to be prepared just in case.

i think that’s enough. add in the lingering goals from last month that need to be finished or maintained and that gives me a pretty full plate.


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month end review let the countdown begin

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  • 1. kitkat1126  |  May 2, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    2. Boston? 🙂

    4. Got any groupon or living social deals for a night away there? Granted I use them for beach/hot tub pampering weekend getaways and you guys are already right on the beach! Or maybe you should sign thw two of you up for a road race…haha kidding…sort of

    5. I love scrap booking but I do it once every 7 years ha. Photo books are so easy and always turn out great

    6. Wow I remember that whole time period trying to figure out your move and tenants. That feels like so long ago!

    As much as I HATED this year’s biggest loser I really like the motto of no excuses. I think May should be a challenging, no excuses month. Looking forward to updates!


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