sundays are for sundaes

May 21, 2012 at 11:49 am 1 comment

monday 11 mile ride/6 mile run brick ~ the flats with the governor and ironS
tuesday off
wednesday off
thursday 18 mile island ride solo
friday 8 mile island run solo
saturday  33 mile suncoast ride with the euro
sunday off

swim 0  bike 62 miles  run 14 miles

if only i had managed the swim i wanted sunday morning. or even the strength workout that the hunter eked out sunday evening as i sat on his couch being lazy. either would have been ideal. but still what a week. look at those numbers! not bad. not bad at all. and i’m proud to say i fit it into a full work week, a hunger games movie night with sab, an airport chauffeur trip for a neighbor, a picnic date night with the hunter and a saturday double date day at the rays game. no doubt i deserved the lazy … and the ice cream that went with it 😉
i’ve been stressing a little on my training plan. i run saturday mornings. it’s just what i do. always have. so my plan for augusta has always been long run saturday, long ride sunday. some how. but how do you explain to a kid that BOTH weekend days need to include long workouts. or weekends she’s at her dad’s, how do i choose the ride over the hunter when i know he’s already jealous of unsure about my passion and desire for this race. but when the thinker ~ who’s training for the chicago marathon ~ proposed a 15 mile run saturday morning, it all came clear. first and foremost, i AM a runner. a strong one at that. i’ve run a marathon on 12 hours notice having not done more than 14 miles in 10 months. i ran another one with food poisoning. no matter what, i can gut out a 13.1 mile run on stubbornness alone. but can i ride 56 miles? on more than the pancake flats of florida? not yet. no. so to run 15 on saturday would have been nothing more than over training the run. and to maybe somehow possibly doubtfully get in a sunday ride would have been under training the ride. eight to 10 long on the run. it’s all i need. maintain. maintain. maintain. and i can get that in on a weeknight. a kid free. hunter free. weeknight. given it was friday morning when this brilliant idea hit me, i forced it in that evening. not ideal given my legs were tired for the morning ride. but going forward long run will be mid-week. long ride saturday. and sunday … sundaes.

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  • 1. kitkat1126  |  May 22, 2012 at 9:51 am

    Look at those numbers!!! 🙂


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