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the last two weeks have been a bit on the busy side. typically i find myself with down time at work to write but with the end of our fiscal year rapidly approaching, i’m juggling all sorts of projects trying to spend money before we lose it.

so here’s a recap on the last two weeks of workouts …

week of may 21

monday 4 mile run ~ island solo
tuesday yoga x
wednesday 40 mile ride ~ suncoast with the euro and the ironman
thursday off
friday off
saturday  10 mile run ~ the bay with the group and 1 mile swim
sunday off

swim 1 mile  bike 40 miles  run 14 miles

a decent week. a far cry from what i need to be working towards but i’m starting to juggle my time wisely and find somewhat of a routine. the double workout saturday was rough. but more so because of the kid chauffeuring i was trying to keep up with. three birthday parties between friday evening and saturday afternoon, all in different areas of town, left me as one worn out mom but i made do. given an unexpected friday down i had planned to brick sunday but ended up with other plans (blog to come) which were definitely worth missing the workout for.

week of may 28

monday  upper body strength training with the hunter
tuesday  18 mile ride ~ island solo
wednesday  4 mile run ~ island with the euro
thursday off
friday off
saturday  off
sunday 25 mile ride/4 mile run brick ~ flats solo

swim 0 mile  bike  43 miles  run 8 miles

in spite of three down days i managed a somewhat respectable week. thanks to my longest and strongest brick ever on sunday. the 25 on the bike was a 19 mph average (fast for me) and i kept the run at an 8:45. even more impressive when you factor in the 94 degree temp.

going into june and my soon to start official training for augusta i’m feeling pretty good. the calf has had some rough days and the knee concerns me more and more each week. i’m trying to fit getting films into my day somewhere but it likely won’t be until next week. not that it will solve anything. the yankee feels pretty certain it’s cartilage related but on the slim chance it’s not then he can tackle the muscles more aggressively. if it is cartilage then i’m simply hanging onto a hope and a prayer that it holds until augusta. after that i’m willing to take the down time for surgery.

this coming weekend is the dunedin tri. physically i’m ready. mentally i’m starting to totally freak! please don’t let me be shark bait.


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  • 1. kitkat1126  |  June 8, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    You will not be shark bait. You’re going to kill this race. Give it your all!


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