may goals recap and june milestones

June 6, 2012 at 8:42 am 1 comment

may was a busy month. lots going on at work and a pre-training ramp up on my workouts. i had some basic goals for the month and some added hopeful ones. here’s how i fared …

  1. start writing weekly workout updates again.
    i kept up pretty well with this the first few weeks of the month then fell behind. but i caught up so i claim success!
  2. solidify sab’s summer camp schedule.
    done! and even all paid for!
  3. spend 20 minutes at least three days a week doing the PT exercises for my hip.
    fail. i started off doing ok. i’d shut the office door and get it done. but this was the wrong month to try and achieve it. i was just too busy.
  4. plan the hunter’s birthday.
    done! plans were made. a slight wrench was thrown in them ~ for the better 🙂 ~ we adjusted and had a great birthday celebration. details to come.
  5. create and order a 2011 photo book.
    fail. got a decent amount of pictures picked but still have more to go through. then there’s editing and placement.
  6. do new lease for my tenants.
    signed, sealed and delivered. one less stress.
  7. update resume
    updated and one new position applied for. doubt anything will come of it honestly, but it was worth the shot.

so now on to june. the end of school. the start of official training. the dunedin tri. my birthday! i turn <gulp> 40 on the seventeenth. i haven’t totally freaked out yet but i’m close. so though i have a couple goals for the month, i mostly want to just breath and enjoy my milestone … and all the tequila it’s going to take to get me through it 😉

1. race my first tri on june 10 and just finish strong! no need to set a goal. certainly not worth setting the goal of going sub 1:30 (though i should conceivably be able to no doubt). so no time goal. really! 😉 ha! right!

2. celebrate my 40th with delicious food, strong drinks and great friends! my friend kat is throwing me a birthday bash at an amazing restaurant. i can’t wait!

3. get in an early morning run at least once a week. i’m going to have to add in at least one double workout day for augusta. no doubt. but mornings are tough for me. i have no problem leaving sab home for an hour or so alone in the afternoon. but she’s an insanely sound sleeper and i just don’t feel comfortable that she would react right or even wake up should there be an emergency. but there are mornings she’s at her dad’s that i could get something in or i could run on the tread. but i HATE running on it in my workout room at home. there’s something about it that makes me feel so claustrophobic. i can do yoga or strength training in there easily but not run. so i moved it to the living room. ran on it last night in fact. and though i still hate the it, i can at least tolerate it now for training needs.

4. get films of the knee. i need to know what i’m dealing with. it’s not going to stop me but i need to know if the yankee can help at all.

that’s it. no lofty goals. this is my month and i plan to make it great!

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  • 1. kitkat1126  |  June 8, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    Quite of few accomplishments this month! 🙂

    2 days until your first TRI, wooooohoooooooooo!!!! You’re going to crush it, I have no doubt and I want to hear a FULL RECAP! Make this tri, and this month *yours* 🙂


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