a new year

July 2, 2012 at 7:12 am 2 comments

wow. miss an important blog post or two and suddenly catching up seems such a chore that i don’t even know how to begin. not that anything that has happened over the last few weeks has been life altering but i did turn 40 and end up flat on my ass for a week with an upper respiratory infection that killed my training routine. so where to start …

training and the flu. or cold. or upper respiratory infection. or whatever i still kind of have. i almost never get sick but this pesky little bug bit me hard. i know exactly where i got it too. the b$#@! who waxed my eyebrows a few days before my birthday was sick but i didn’t realize it until she was doing my pedicure. doing my toes sick is one thing. but doing my eyebrows sick! leaning over my face. so wrong! i was pissed! thankfully it took a couple days to hit so i wasn’t really sick for my birthday but after that i was done. completely. six days of not working out at all and three days out of work which is unheard of for me. as of last sunday i’m back up and running but i’m still not 100 percent. a lingering cough. chest congestion that makes it hard to sleep. and now the start to a stuffy nose. almost like it’s coming back to bite me again. i can not be sick another day! i’m over it.

i’m beginning to feel like i turned 40 and fell apart! ugh 40. not sure i’m ok with that yet. i know i know … they say 40 is the new 30. but who says that? i think it’s just the people who recently turned 40! seriously though i guess it’s not that bad. i don’t feel 40. i’ve been told i don’t look 40. so as the hunter wrote in my birthday card we’re just going to stick with 30!

my birthday weekend was wonderful. saturday an introspective ten mile run through the woods. followed by a perfect day of sun and fun on the boat with the hunter. i don’t think i’ve mentioned the boat yet. it was his birthday present to himself a few weeks back. nothing extravagant. just a little 17-foot sunbird. but we love her!

the hunter's new toy

the hunter’s new toy

and after a day on the water we went home and took a brief nap (yup we’re old. we nap.) then headed off to ocean prime ~ a fabulous restaurant where my friend kat was throwing me a birthday bash. a night of martinis ~ a different flavor each round ~ with about twenty wonderful friends culminated with this …

sing me a song mr. piano man

sing me a song mr. piano man

the next day ~ my actual birthday ~ was father’s day so after a quiet morning together the hunter went off to get his girls and i went off to ride. forty miles. one mile for each year of my amazing life.

so i’m back again. forty and fabulous and ready to make this year fantastic!



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i tried thirteen weeks ’til augusta

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  • 1. Kalli and Bill  |  July 2, 2012 at 8:03 am

    I love this post!!!! Happy belated birthday girl! You look fabulous and forty is not so bad. Love that you rode 40 for your birthday!

  • 2. kitkat1126  |  July 2, 2012 at 8:35 am

    You look gorgeous, and so young! Glad you had such a wonderful birthday šŸ™‚ The hunter’s new toy is AMAZING.


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