june recap. july goals.

July 3, 2012 at 12:13 pm 1 comment

june was a simple month. not a lot of goals with the hope of not a lot of added stress. i didn’t quite manage what little i’d hoped for, but i’m not worried. here’s the recap.

1. race my first tri on june 10 and just finish strong! i’d say i made this goal πŸ™‚

2. celebrate my 40th with delicious food, strong drinks and great friends! i’m forty. i’m fabulous!

3. get in an early morning run at least once a week. i did this once. not once a week … once for the month. but in my defense i hit a snag. my treadmill belt is shot! and that really was to be my saving grace to have the time to do this. but i did tweak the work hours one day and meet a few from the group for one of their early morning runs along the bay. they start at 6 a.m. which really is too late for me but it was a nice change. i think i found someone who can do early, early hours with me on occasion so hopefully i can up the morning miles.

4. get films of the knee. avoided this. again. maybe soon.

now onto july. this month will be busy but fun! between the 4th of july holiday, a conference in orlando three days next week and two full weeks of vacation the 16th through 29th, i’ll be in the office a mere eight days for the entire month! here are some of the goals i’m adding into the mix of chaos!

1. create a detailed budget. money sucks. or more accurately lack of money sucks. i don’t have a lot of places to cut corners but i know there are little things i can change to save a few pennies for a rainy day.

2. swim at least twice a week. i’m strong on the run. i’m getting much stronger on the bike. now i need to focus. really focus on the swim.

3. secure a wet suit. i either need to suck it up and buy one, or find someone who can lend me a wet suit for augusta.

4. enjoy my vacation! to help break up the monotony of summer camp for sab, we are taking two weeks off. longest vacation i’ve taken in years. part one: three days at a cabin on a lake about an hour from here with the hunter and his girls! yes, my kid-commitment-phobe boyfriend invited us to spend a couple nights at the cabin he rented for a week. shocked me. plans of boating, tubing, water skiing and letting the girls get to know each other more πŸ™‚ part two: four days in jekyll island, ga with my step-sister. beach fun and sun. cocktails and conversation. detour to part three: augusta for the day. i’m a very visual person and nothing will quell my fears more than to check out the race course. so we’ll pop in for the day, visit the river, drive the ride and downtown walk part of the run. then we pick up my mom from the airport and head out. part three: a week at a cabin on a lake in south carolina. me, mom and my mini-me. fishing, reading, writing, relaxing. but throughout the entire vacation … still training!

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thirteen weeks ’til augusta a lonely road

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  • 1. kitkat1126  |  July 3, 2012 at 12:19 pm

    You are fabulous!

    Ugh, I need to create a detailed budget too. money sucks.

    Somehow I imagine Augusta is going to really get your addiction going. In that case it may be worthwhile to get a wetsuit!

    Love part 1 of vacation πŸ™‚


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