brick wall

August 20, 2012 at 8:09 am 4 comments

there is so much i could write about. the hunter and i are teetering on the edge. temporarily agreeing to disagree while we see if we are salvageable. my mind has gone to so many places. my heart to a million others. none have found an answer.

maybe it’s indicative of my direction but we are not what i want to focus on. i’ve let augusta take a back burner in so many ways. my training tracking has been nil. hell my training hasn’t been near what it should be. but yesterday i proved that i just might survive rock this thing!

life has been much easier since the ironman loaned me the bike trainer. though i’ve only used it a few times it’s been days i needed to salvage a workout. the best earlier last week when i took it for a two hour “ride” followed by a four mile run that i held surprisingly strong! i should have been impressed. convinced i am ok but it’s the trainer. i don’t know the mileage i hit. it was inside in a/c.

so yesterday i wanted reality. outside. heat and humidity. i figured 40ish on the bike and six on the run would give me a renewed self-confidence. thankfully it didn’t take me long to secure company ~ frank a guy i used to run with on occasion for the first half of the bike and the governor for the rest of the plan. though i know i’ve got to do augusta alone, i relish company on long workouts. frank and i started just as the sun was coming up and headed out for 18. the lead-in followed by two loops. loop one might have been a little slow ~ 16 mph maybe ~ and included two brief interludes. the first to watch the lanky coyote cross our path and the second to marvel at a lizard-chasing owl in the middle of the path. both were beautiful creatures and it reminded me why i love early mornings at the flats. on loop two we kicked it up a notch. 18-19 on the average and i was thrilled when we picked up a third rider. and i was pulling! how cool (yes, i am easily amused).

after the second loop we headed in to pick up the governor. frank left us for a short run and she and i headed back out to the flats for another 18 on the bike. both loops were good. a 17mph average. which exceeds my 16 mph goal for augusta.

after a quick break and change of shoes we headed out for the run. it was hot by then. pushing the low 90s with the sun beating down but i was thankful for it. i needed to know i can survive the potential race conditions. mile one was rough and i considered asking the governor to cut the plan to four. but i held firm to my no-faster-than-10-minute-miles plan for the race and by mile three i felt good so instead of asking for a cut back, i asked the governor if we could up the plan to eight.

thirty-six miles on the bike. eight miles on the run. all at race pace. well except the last mile where i kicked it to an 8:45 proving that there was still reserve in the tank 🙂

i feel like i’ve scaled the brick wall. renewed my confidence that i am an athlete and i can and will kick some augusta ass!


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  • 1. Floyd  |  August 20, 2012 at 10:18 am

    Super cool on the Coyote sighting – might be standard issue for yall, but we don’t see many of them down here at the beach

    • 2. becelisa  |  August 20, 2012 at 10:33 am

      that’s the second coyote i’ve seen out there. there are bob cat as well and i can’t wait until the day i see one of those. typical sightings include deer, wild boar, wild turkey, tortoises, hawk and snakes … including a 3-foot long eastern diamondback rattler i came within two feet of stepping on last week while rounding the corner of a trail at full speed! i’m not scared of snakes. i like them actually. but that one was a close call!

  • 3. Kalli and Bill  |  August 20, 2012 at 10:36 am

    so sorry you are struggling with your relationship. so hard to deal with and hard to take care of yourself when this is going on. great job on the awesome brick workout though! gosh i need to feel renewed like that. feel in a bit of a slump.

  • 4. kitkat1126  |  August 20, 2012 at 2:54 pm

    Taking the Hunter aside, which I’m sorry to hear about — but I am so happy for you regarding your training and how you’re feeling about Augusta. I think of you as an amazing athlete and reading this post totally makes me excited for you and your Augusta experience…and it makes me want to train a lot harder 🙂


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