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i did my last long workout sunday. i had one thing left i wanted to conquer and i hoped the plan got me there. the euro picked me up early and we headed north. he may not be doing augusta anymore but he’s still tried to be there as a training partner now and then and i definitely wanted company on this one. i was underwhelmed at first. each mile of highway seemed flatter than the next and i feared we weren’t ever going to find the hills i was in search of but as we got closer to the northern end of the trail we began to see and feel the rollers. it was gorgeous out. a bright pink sunrise cutting across surprisingly green and open fields and  i was eager to ride.

from the moment we were on the bikes we were climbing. not crazy but an uphill that led to an almost immediate burn in the quads and the coast down the other side was an invigorating way to start the morning. we had no idea what that upper end of the trail would bring us but elevation was exact what i wanted and i hoped for more. florida is flat. very flat. or so i thought. i was nicely surprised by the hills we found. rollers. steep ones. short ones. long ones. all said about ten miles worth of a rare florida find before it flattened out. but through it all there was no doubt we were heading south which meant the trip back north was going to be all uphill.

the hope had been for 50 but the euro’s parents had arrived in town the night before and he wanted to be home in time to take them to brunch. we’d gotten started a little later than expected plus he was a little worried he wouldn’t be able to hang on the way back up. so at a little past 21 we turned to head back. the first 12 or so back up were a breeze. a slight incline yes, but little more to tackle. but when we hit that upper end of the trail we hit the hills. now i admit these hills are likely minor compared to what many ride but given what i saw of the augusta course and what i’ve seen on youtube ~ the entire course start to finish watched while sitting in my office one day 😉 ~ i really think some of what we found rivaled what i’ll be riding. and i hit them strong. head down. cadence up. i only had to come out of the saddle a few times.

i loved the hills. loved the challenge. and most of all loved what followed because what goes up … must come down!


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