one step forward

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ten weeks ago today i was diagnosed with the stress fracture and i have yet to write one real update on my progressive prognosis. i don’t know why i haven’t shared. i guess mainly because there was nothing i deemed worth sharing. the four to six weeks of anticipated cast status dragged on and on and i slipped further and further into the unhappiness of life without my run. i can say i’ve filled the last ten weeks with friends and fun. happy hours and dinners. movies and more. and i have. but it’s not enough. it’s never enough.

wednesday i had follow up number two. i won’t delve into details on my insurance fiasco of trying to find a new doctor to review my original xrays and the ones from follow up number one. and i won’t whine about how my first attempt at going “bootless” a couple weeks back lasted all of three days before i retreated back to it. there’s a pain that’s lingered. one i don’t trust. i read and research ~ a lot ~ and know it could be muscle and tendon related. the foot’s need to adjust to the calcification and reintroduction to movement. but i need to be sure. so when wednesdays xrays came back clean i still questioned the evidence and asked for more. and thankfully my doctor obliged and late friday we did an mri.

i spent all weekend bootless. this time the right way. orthotic flip flops and hard sole tennies. and this morning’s work wear was flat boots with an insert. i had moments of achy. and at times a little pain. but this transition into shoes felt better than the last and all day today i waited with bated  breath for the expected mri all clear to maybe try a little. but the call didn’t come. damn doctor holding my life in his hands.

i thought about asking for another happy hour. or maybe pouting solo in the bottle of wine a coworker left on my desk today. but instead of feeling sorry i came home mad and knew i had to try. let me preface this next part with the statement that i don’t want to hear any sort of lecture. i know i need the mri results to be sure there isn’t something the xrays are missing. and i know i run the risk of doing more damage if there is a problem. but tonight i had to make a choice. the body or the soul.

two miles. not enough to quell the need but an amazing release and escape from the confines of the cast.

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