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February 18, 2013 at 10:11 am 1 comment

my father is a shrink. my grandmother one of the top analysts in the country. my (ex) step sister a mental health counselor. psychoanalysis runs in the family. not sure it’s necessarily something i can say i’m proud of. especially given how dysfunctional my family is. sometimes i think people pursue therapy as a career in an attempt to educate themselves about their own issues ~ or maybe to become master mind enough to cover them up.

i have been analyzed my whole life. as a child i didn’t get punished, i got “talked to”. as a teen i often found myself wishing i would be grounded rather than have to listen to my father’s assessment of why i was doing what i was and how my behavior was emotionally destructive. to this day i cringe when asked the question “how does that make you feel”.

i’ve seen a therapist twice in my life. both very brief life interludes to solve the immediate. the first a near stress-induced breakdown while working two jobs, going to college full-time and trying to find the strength to leave an unhealthy relationship. the second, couples counseling as a final attempt to salvage my nearly four year relationship with the spider. but i really feel as though i got little out of either. i knew what i needed to do in both situations. maybe it helped to hear someone agree with my self-evaluation but that’s what friends are for. and really i felt like time would have brought me to the same resolutions i found.

i by no means am saying that i don’t respect therapists. i think some people benefit greatly from having someone to listen and guide them to healthy choices. we all have issues. plenty of them. i can’t say i know one person who doesn’t have a skeleton or two hiding in the closet or a defining neurosis ~ some blatantly obvious others carefully masked. but sometimes i think there’s too much pressure to “solve” things. i don’t think it healthy to brush things under the carpet and pretend all is well. denial can only fuel the internal fire. but i also take issue with focusing too intently on a problem to where it puts the rest of your life on hold. i don’t believe anyone of us will ever figure it all out. life is a challenge. a day to day learning experience of good and bad.

spend too much time trying to find answers and life can all too quickly pass you by.



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  • 1. Fit and Forty Something  |  February 18, 2013 at 5:24 pm

    oh i have mixed feelings as well! my first marriage went to hell once the counseling started LOL!


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