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February 18, 2013 at 1:26 pm 2 comments

last week’s total ~ 43 miles running (need to stop bailing on weekday run number three!)

monday ~ off
tuesday ~ 5 mile run. island with JP and the realtor.
wednesday ~ bailed
thursday ~ 4 mile island run with JP and the realtor.
friday ~ off
saturday ~ 18 mile run. hole in the fence. some with the governor and turner. some alone.
sunday ~ 16 mile run. the bay with the drill sergeant

yet again i bailed on a weekday run. i had every intention and was even pulling my ass out of bed when the attorney texted and said she needed to sleep. i could have still gone. JP and the realtor were going to be out there. but i decided to give the foot a little extra rest. i knew i wanted another big weekend and i got it.

saturday was amazing. the governor, turner and i started at the hole in the fence at 6 a.m. i’m really coming to love trails in the dark. a good headlamp makes for more than enough visual and the darkness of the surrounding woods is both terrifying and comforting. the governor only had time for eight and turner stuck with me for another two but after that i went back out on my own. now i rarely do trails solo. i’m a somewhat paranoid cautious runner and ever since the day with the drill sergeant that i came within inches of stepping on the head of a three-foot-long eastern diamondback rattler, i’ve realized there really are things to fear. but that morning it was exactly what i needed. i may have allowed myself tears for a mile or two. and i think another was angry running. i let my emotions run the gamut. something i don’t do when running with company. and it was the release i needed from everything else going on in my world. when i found myself back at the car at mile 16.7 i decided even that wasn’t enough and took one last little loop to round out at an even 18.

last weekend i had a lot of leg discomfort on long run number two which i wanted to ward off this time around. and what  better way then with a good old faithful ice bath!


no doubt it worked because sunday morning when i started my legs felt fresh and ready for more! i’m actually a bit odd in that i love ice baths and can’t believe i hadn’t thought to do this last weekend. i have a feeling i’ll be doing many more in the near future though!

i had two goals for sunday. ensure i break the 40 mile for the week mark. and top my 32-mile previous weekend. and when i headed to bed saturday night it looked as though i was going to have to tackle most, if not all, alone. but when i woke at 4:45 a.m. i was happy to see a last minute change of run venue email that had the drill sergeant heading my way to island to the end of the bay. back mid-way to wave to the rest of the group, down again then back. sixteen strong miles! i even felt as though i had more to give but i had three pre-teen girls crashed on my living room floor and i knew they would be screaming for breakfast … and i couldn’t resist the thought of a big stack of pancakes covered in eggs over easy. mmmmmm.

one of the best parts of this weekend was the weather! saturday a start temp of 48 and sunday my happy place of upper 30s. i’ve been loving these unusual late season cold snaps we’ve been getting but fear this was the last. and i know i need it to be. barring some miracle, race day is bound to be a tad bit hotter ~ not to mention humid! and heat is my downfall. so bring on the warm weather florida and make me sweat! just  another reason for me to retreat to the ice!


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  • 1. kitkat1126  |  February 19, 2013 at 12:22 pm

    You love ice baths?! Haha, please come for a run up here soon — it’s like an ice bath the whole run 🙂

    Congrats on such a successful running week — you motivate me more and more with every post!

  • 2. Miss Mile High  |  March 11, 2013 at 2:47 pm

    Just looking at that picture made me feel cold. Add that to the (long) list of reasons I’ll never be a serious runner like you!


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