cheese dip

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i’ve neglected to share the random text or few i got from the hunter awhile back. some i ignored or replied with nice but very simple, non-conversation-starting responses. another, right around christmas led to what i assumed would be our last communication ever when i told him to “never fucking contact me again!” so the message i got a couple weeks ago was unexpected. when we were together we regulared a little mexican place down from my house. maragritas and the best chips and cheese dip typically filled our fare and we often never made it to the dinner menu so i knew exactly what he meant when all that came across my screen was “cheese dip?” i was with JP at the time. my ride to the mechanic to pick up my car. so i gave him a brief run down on the relationship, the breakup and the near certainty that this was nothing more than a bootie call. his response … “so what”. typical man 😉 i don’t know if it was curiosity or JP’s laissez-faire attitude about it but not long after i replied with simply “7:30pm”.  

the second i saw him i knew i was done for. we could have skipped the cheese dip. there is no denying the attraction and intense chemistry between us. we spent the first hour or so just catching up on life. my mom. my new job. his promotion. the girls. it was hard at first. but as the night progressed something happened. as he talked i started clearly understanding why we shouldn’t be together. his inability to leave the stress of work in the office and an almost need to bring it forefront all the time. his parenting tactics. his eating habits. his need to buy the easy way out of everything. and when the conversation turned to us, i actually changed the subject when he started tearing up saying he thought he had made a mistake by letting me go. bullshit or not, it really didn’t tug at my cold-hearted sleeves. 

i’d like to say i was the angel who sent him home alone. but more drinks and darts in the little bar across the street. and the fact that he’s so damn sexy definitely didn’t aid in the intention i really wasn’t fighting for. when he left the next morning i had no hopes, no dreams, no expectations. and i was happy for it.

he’s messaged a few times since. no effort to go out again and i sure haven’t asked for time. seems we both got we wanted. why ruin it.


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