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i went out with the pilot again on saturday. his season tickets to the local performing arts centre included the show spank ~ a comedic parody of the 50 shades of grey books. admittedly i read the first but had no interest in reading the others. truth be told, i was far from the average demographic of the frustrated house wife and my sex life at the time didn’t leave the time ~ or need ~ for fantasy ūüėČ but i could only imagine the inappropriate, tasteless stage performance the books were to yield and i knew i had to see it!

he picked me up right on time. always¬†important¬†to me but given he lives maybe half a mile from me this really was expected! nice car. a lexus something or other ~ i’m so not a car person. trendy clothing ~ a bit too much so for my taste but the hunter’s lack of was just as hard to get used to. and still shorter than me even with shorter heels on~ damn me and my penchant for tall men! promt and¬†well dressed ¬†… check!

he had made¬†reservations at edison,¬†a relatively new restaurant opened by an¬†exceptional local chef. i have to admit, that as non-foodie as i am it was so nice to eat somewhere other than the hunter’s typical sports bar or casual fare. and when he took control of the wine list and selection ~ with an ask of my taste preference ~ i was perfectly content. the food was incredible and the banter was easy. however, i think he’s learned more about me than i about him. maybe it’s the attorney in him. used to asking the questions. and lord knows i can¬†certainly¬†talk and give answers! not cheap and uncultured … check!

caught up in conversation we lost track of time and had to rush from the restaurant. we barely slipped into the theatre just as the opening scene was starting. i was a little bummed. there was a group of girls from my running group there ~ including jax and the governor ~ and i really wanted them to meet him so i could get their opinions. not that i don’ t trust my judgement ultimately but this one does confuse me. so far my only negative is shallow but it’s also typically a deal breaker. we did bump into a few of them at intermission but jax didn’t come out to the lobby so she didn’t ¬†get to meet him ~ and she’s the one i knew would make sure to grill him for me ;). comfortable talking to friends of mine if only for a few minutes … check!

but any way, onto the show … oh my god! talk about hilarious. and seriously potentially awkward¬†for a second date. now i’m pretty open-minded and far from easily offended. but i had no idea what to expect of him. this show was more than inappropriate. there weren’t sexual¬†innuendos … it was flat out perverse! so awesome! and embarrassing i’m sure for anyone with any sort of aversion to crass sexuality.¬†but he rolled with it pretty damn well. laughed at almost every thing i did. and really the only places he didn’t were from the references i understood from having actually read the book. not a conservative prude … check!

after the show we heading back toward my house. my¬†uncertainty¬†was top of mind. would he try to kiss me? did i want him to just to see if it¬†elicited¬†the sparks i had yet to feel? but ¬†a few minutes into the short ride, i got a text from my mom that she had been admitted to the hospital. there was very little detail. just that they were about to send her for a cat scan of her spleen. i tried to call her but got her voice mail followed by another short text saying she couldn’t talk and to call my brother but that¬†dysfunction¬†was not going to be a conversation i had in front of the pilot. he walked me to my door and we talked for a few minutes but my mind was¬†obviously¬†elsewhere. a quick hug and declarations of a good time and he was off. not pushy … check!

the next day we texted a few times. me apologizing for being distracted. him hoping my mom was ok. and now he wants to do something this weekend. i think i will. there’s enough positive in what i’ve seen so far so what can it hurt to get to know him better and see if the attraction can grow. so dinner or drinks this weekend with an open mind … and maybe flat shoes.


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  • 1. kitkat1126  |  May 2, 2013 at 9:17 am

    Check, check, check. I love everything I’ve heard about him so far. It sounds like he is easy to talk with and lose track of time, to laugh with, and to be comfortable around when stressful or emotional situations came up. I say keep the open mind and just keep having fun… ūüôā

    • 2. becelisa  |  May 3, 2013 at 12:20 pm

      there are positives for sure. i do like him. i’m just not sure i’m really attracted to him and that is so important. but i remember the day i met jc i was thankful that i didn’t find him attractive AT ALL because i didn’t need that temptation in the office. and look at what happened there! lol. so i know attraction can grow … i just wish he could ūüėČ

  • 3. Miss Mile High  |  May 3, 2013 at 8:45 am

    LOL @ flat shoes. Must admit – I don’t wear heels as much as I did pre-CP….

    I’m glad you’re having fun with him! That’s all that matters.

    Sorry to hear about your mom. Both of you are in my thoughts often.

    • 4. becelisa  |  May 3, 2013 at 12:23 pm

      my legs and ass don’t look as good in flat shoes! ūüėČ

      thanks for keeping me and my mom in your thoughts. the cat scan came back clean and she’s feeling better. they think the pain she was having was another side effect from the drugs since she had just had another round of treatment earlier that week.

  • 5. PDX Running Chick  |  May 12, 2013 at 1:29 pm

    I’m just as shallow about the height thing, but that we recognize its shallow is huge. He sounds fun and all the things you checked off are pretty spectacular. Hope this weekends time with him was equally enjoyable.


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