June 18, 2013 at 10:13 am 2 comments

after the diagnosis of ganglion cyst, i felt pretty secure getting out and trying some miles. my level of pain hasn’t been intolerable for some time but my fear was that running was going to cause more damage to whatever was wrong. but from what i read, running with the ganglion, though potentially uncomfortable, wasn’t necessarily a stupid thing to do. so the day after i quietly asked the realtor to join me for a few test miles. and i did ok. and a few days later while at sanibel beach for the weekend i pulled a mid-day five miler. hot as hell but awesome and followed by a refreshing dip in the ocean. then tuesday one more four miler before the impending wednesday appointment with my doctor to get her opinion on the MRI. i guess i knew there was a chance the diagnosis could change and i wanted the allowance of miles before i was told otherwise.

and as expected things changed. but not as expected, they changed for the better. my doctor doesn’t think there is a ganglion. slight potential but even if so, location was too far from my pain. she maintains her initial diagnosis of inflamed fat pad and patellar tracking. but also, clearly visible on the films, i have quite the bone bruise on about a third of my kneecap. i was a little discouraged to hear that pain from a deep bone bruise can take up to six months to subside but was happy to hear~ and believe me i asked about five times if she was sure ~ that as long as i wore the tracking brace, i was fine to keep running. the fat pad inflammation is an issue and she offered cortisone but i’m not a huge proponent of so we compromised. for now i’m trying an anti-inflammatory gel patch. twelve hours on the knee. twelve hours off. if come the very end of the month i’m still dealing with the discomfort, i’ll turn to the needle.

so, give me an inch … i take the miles. the day after my appointment four. then saturday a first trip back to my trails for eight and this week a strong two morning start. thirty-two miles over the last 12 days. i’m not miraculously pain free. and i’m not sure the gel is working wonders but the assurance that i’m ok to run gave me the confidence to push past the discomfort. so now the plan begins. well almost. most i know started this week, but technically i’m not allowing my official training plan to start until week of july 7. sixteen weeks. that’s my mental capacity. so until then it’s a base-mile build. i’ve lost a lot. i’m slow. sluggish. tired. but i’m back!

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ganging up on the knee biggest loser

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  • 1. PDX Running Chick  |  June 18, 2013 at 10:22 am

    Yay! So very happy for you! Hope it just gets better. 🙂

  • 2. kitkat1126  |  June 18, 2013 at 10:24 am

    “People think I’m crazy to put myself through such torture, though I would argue otherwise. Somewhere along the line we seem to have confused comfort with happiness. Dostoyevsky had it right: ‘Suffering is the sole origin of consciousness.’ Never are my senses more engaged than when the pain sets in. There is a magic in misery. Just ask any runner.” ― Dean Karnazes

    Welcome back ❤


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