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September 6, 2013 at 11:41 am 1 comment

obviously my MCM training fell off the blog radar almost as soon as it began. a combination of physical issues and the emotional dislike of sharing when i’m not on target. but fact is, i’ve got a marathon in eight weeks and not writing about it isn’t going to make things go any more or less perfect.

i am running again. somewhat regularly. though my plan has gone to hell in a hand basket. last saturday i got back up to a 12-miler ~ at croom 🙂 ~ which is exactly what i needed! i’ve been so sick of the road. craving the woods. it wasn’t the best run of all time but there was no knee pain. my calf was a little sore and my itb was hell for a couple days after but it was worth it.


that’s a happy runner 🙂

i’ve been seeing the yankee at least once a week for treatment. it’s hard to say what’s really going on this time given every time i’m in to see him the pain is someplace different. but my feeling is that this and just about every injury and issue i’ve had in the past are all caused by my pelvis. old shoes, over training or wrong surface throws me of balance and tightens the glutes and quad. when those muscles are jacked, i can’t manipulate my SI back into joint. it’s a chain reaction that likely could be at least semi-curtailed if i’d go in for regular maintenance massage versus simply waiting until i’m screwed. 

the other issue i’m having lately is a lack of energy. somehow somewhere i crashed. hard. some mornings even four miles are a struggle and i’m not sure why. after a brief experiment of going meatless, i have altered my diet in a lot of ways which i can only assume is throwing off my nutritional balance so i’m hoping iron and b12 supplements will help. and at least for now i’m eating the meat i’m losing the taste for more and more every day. 

tomorrow i’m aiming for 16 miles. paved but in what i’ve heard is a beautiful route. a strong run would help alleviate the little bit of self doubt that’s been creeping in as of late. i know i can run MCM. i even feel pretty secure i can PR. but i want that sub-4 so bad!


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  • 1. jessihannahjay  |  September 6, 2013 at 11:57 am

    For September my boyfriend and I decided to go vegetarian. Since I wasn’t a regular meat eater anyways, not a big problem for me. But I also have been feeling very low on energy this past week, and I assume it has to do with nutrition or perhaps also iron deficiency also.

    Trail runs are absolutely the best. I’ve been doing road mostly, and the ponds near my house have paved trails, but I got to run through gorgeous trails out of town a few weeks ago. A great workout, and feels so good for the mind too.

    Good luck with your marathon! I’ve got a half coming up in 3 weeks.


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