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September 25, 2013 at 11:37 am 1 comment

i get it pointed out to me way too often lately that there’s little update on the run. maybe that’s because i don’t want to admit that i’m going to be lucky to even run MCM in five weeks nonetheless do with it what i wanted! the A-goal of 3:45 went out the window months ago and at this point i’ve even accepted ~ sort of ~ that i can kiss goodbye the B-goal of sub-4. i feel like i’ve been fighting a losing battle. for every one step forward i get shoved back two. a couple weekends ago i had a great long run complete with stair running fun and a mile eight pit stop at a food truck rally where the wingman and i might have indulged in a vodka infused watermelon beverage before finishing up the last few miles. but three days later i aborted a four mile run due to knee pain. i followed that up with a killer massage and then this past saturday i set out for 18.

ok so mind you … i’m not stupid. i can hear you asking “why attempt 18 when only days earlier you couldn’t run four?!” i know i know i know i’m not always the sharpest tool in the shed but i also think i understand the issues going on and after my massage i felt capable of tackling it. and lord knows my confidence needed a boost. and it was working. the miles were slow but a long overdue run with the governor to catch up on life was making them enjoyable. the first six on pavement then we ducked down into the trails after the sun came out to play. all was going well until mile 16. it was like someone flipped a switch. the sudden pain in my knee completely unbearable to the point that even walking was agony. the only way to avoid was to keep my leg straight on the walk. but i felt like an ass. it was getting hot as hell. and the governor had to finish up. so i pushed through best i could.

rash decision made. i went home, took a shower and headed straight for the relief of a cortisone shot. i don’t do needles. i reach for natural remedies before drugs. i hate putting anything in my body that shouldn’t be there. but i’ll be damned i no longer gave a crap! and three hours later i was a happy camper for it! i took sunday down and monday morning went out for four. i could still feel the ache but not the pain. yesterday rain kept me cozy in bed and this morning i faced the never ending downpour for another four with little to no discomfort and a few hop, skips and jumps in every puddle along the route 🙂 add in the trip to the chiro yesterday that may have started what i hope will put me back in alignment and suddenly i feel a renewed hope.

all i want at this point is my C-goal. a PR. sub 4:15. a 9:41 average. not long ago i would have scoffed at that. even my training runs were faster. but i’m coming to terms with the reality of where i am and that it’s time to accept that now i know my a-b-c’s.


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lightning strike going the distance

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  • 1. PDX Running Chick  |  September 25, 2013 at 12:02 pm

    I totally get going out for 18 after a failed 4. I’ve done it myself. Not sure what that says about me, but I get it. Keep plugging away my dear. Just enjoy the runs the rest of the shit will fall into place eventually. Sending you my best.


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