going the distance

October 1, 2013 at 11:55 am 1 comment

after my semi-failed 18-miler, i wasn’t sure how to best approach my long run for this past weekend. the pilot suggested i take the time down and short run only. let the body recoup and rest pretty much until race day. and i was tempted to do so. but with four weeks to go and wavering confidence, i felt it best i make one final attempt to see if last week’s cortisone shot, trip to the chiro and continued massage made any sort of difference. i knew there was only one number that would leave me feeling race ready ~ that is assuming i could even do it ~ so intelligent or not i wanted 20.

i always long run saturdays. sundays are rest days. but a shift in mini-me’s skating schedule means weekends she’s home we’re now at the ice rink saturday morning. and it was there that i got the first bit of hope. i’ve maintained all along that every issue i have stems from my SI joint. a few years back my chiropractor determined it was locked and months later when she finally released it my body felt as though it shifted back into place. since then i’ve always been able to pop it. manipulate it. fix it. that is until a few months ago. but saturday, while aimlessly stretching at the rink i thought i felt a little give. but i tried again ~ all damn day long ~ and felt nothing.

after careful consideration, i opted to keep the run on pavement. i thought it smart to stick to race surface. and after little consideration, i opted to wear brand new shoes ~ new make new model new everything. i knew it was risky but i haven’t felt right in asics as of late. in spite of just coming off the air force marathon, my wingman agreed to see me through the run and we planned for a 5 a.m. start which meant he would pick me up at 4:30 a.m. but at 4:44 a.m. my phone rang … and woke me up. it took me two seconds to realize that ~ creature of habit that i am ~ i set my alarm for saturday instead of sunday. i flew out of bed, threw on running clothes, grabbed my gear and made it out the door in 15 minutes. a very bad start. there is no feeling in the world i hate more than rushing. it throws off my entire type-A need for control and leaves me flustered. add to the mix that i didn’t have time to eat breakfast and had to stop at 7-11 for some random protein bar and i was starting to question everything about the run.

we got to the planned route and while the wingman was in starbucks for a pre-run potty break, i finished getting ready. new mizuno wave inspires on my feet, body glide slathered on, gels stocked and an extra set of stretching. and in that last stretch, that final knee to nose, my entire pelvis shifted and the SI joint released! i can not explain to you the immediate change i felt in my body. and not just in the bones. it’s like it opened up a flow from head to toe. reconnected everything that’s been so off. when the wingman walked up i was still sitting on the curb with the biggest shit eating grin on my face.

the run certainly wasn’t perfect. you don’t go from broken to fixed in a mere moment. but for 20 miles i had zero knee pain. yes there was a little hip pain and my calf was sore. but i ran a strong 20 and without a doubt knew there was another 6.2 left in me. so with a renewed confidence i’ll take the next 26 days relatively easy. this coming weekend a step back to 15ish and the following weekend 12. and i think i’ve neglected to mention that the weekend before MCM i’m actually racing a sprint tri. but at this point i can finally say i’ve gone the distance.

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