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this past weekend was a hodge podge of activity that i’m claiming as my last long training run even if it was a little broken up. saturday morning i did my first brick workout in more than a year. eleven on the bike followed by four on the run. my legs felt a bit like jello for the first half mile or so but once i settled into it the run was strong. i forgot my garmin at home so i have no idea on pace but i think i would have been happy. after finishing up i stripped off the tri shorts and threw on running gear and headed over to the trails where a photographer friend had asked for models he could practice on. i haven’t seen all the shots he took but my last post was one of my favorite of what i’ve seen so far. all in all we probably added another two miles to the run as he scouted locations.

sunday there was supposed to be a group heading to new-to-me trails at a place called wekiwa springs but everyone ended up bailing except for me and the wingman. the trails were pretty rough. lots of sand in parts and crazy roots and mud for a stretch that was nearly impassable. but we got in an 11-mile loop that was rewarded with a refreshing dip into the 72 degree water of crystal clear springs. i wouldn’t say the trails were my favorite so chances are i won’t be rushing back there anytime again soon but it made for a new adventure which is always fun. and the springs after the run … what a perfect way to cool down!

i’m not sure yet how i’m going to handle my tri on the 19th. i want to kill it but given it’s the weekend before MCM i don’t want to do anything stupid. i still haven’t really been in the water since augusta. seriously not one lap in over a year. but i’m not too worried about a .33 mile swim. assuming that is i don’t panic in open water which is always a possibility. i caught myself looking up old results yesterday. i like to think i might be able to place in my age group but again, i don’t know if racing hard is an intelligent choice. of course this is me we’re talking about so i’m not sure there’s any other way.

this coming weekend will be one last semi-long. and then it’s time to taper. not my favorite part of training by any means but a necessary evil to let the body, mind and soul rest and ready.

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