sprinting through time

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i don’t know why i can’t find the time to write these days. work is a bit hectic and life outside the office offers little reprieve. but i really should be able to sneak in a post or two each week. now i’m so far behind i don’t even know where to start. i guess i’ll stay chronological even though i’m itching to jump ahead. and though there are other aspects of life that i’ll share at some point as well, running comes first in here so that’s where i’ll start.

a couple months back i got convinced to do a sprint tri the weekend before mcm. not that it took much convincing. i wanted one this season. but i didn’t get in the water at all. not even once. in fact hadn’t been since augusta … LAST september! and my bike training consisted of two maybe three rides. add to that, i caught the nasty cold that mini-me brought home from school and the race was shaping up to be a disaster. i got asked by more than a few if i should even go through with it. but hacking up a lung or not, i don’t quit. it’s just not my style.

so i swam …

freaking out a little

freaking out a little

i biked …

thank goodness for flat bike courses

thank goodness for flat bike courses

i ran …

pushing hard at the finish

pushing hard at the finish

and i placed 5th in my age group!!!

winner winner!

winner winner!

granted i went home that day and pretty much didn’t move for almost two days. seriously i couldn’t even muster the energy to cook for my kid. but it’s been awhile since i’ve placed in a race so it was well worth it! and i learned a thing or two about my strengths ~ and weaknesses ~ as well. total shocker of the day was that i placed 2nd in age group in the swim. second!!! not only have i done a mere three open water swims in my entire life ~ my first tri, my second tri and now my third tri ~ but i’m scared to death of the ocean! so i’m pretty damn impressed with myself on that one. but flip side, i placed 11th on the bike. yikes! i know some of it is the low quality of my ride but fact is i’m weak. with a little strength training, some spin classes and some additional bike time i could have done far better. as for the run, it was solid. fourth in age group and a decent ~ though not fabulous ~ time. given all givens i’m happy with what i did and can’t wait until next tri season.



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