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i never really told the whole story about vinny, the male pitbull some asshole abandoned outside the ice rink where mini-me skates. tied up to the light pole  at 4 p.m. in the afternoon in 90 degree weather with no food or water! it’s a long story but i’ll make it short. it took forever but we eventually trusted each other. i sat with him for hours trying to find a rescue group that could come get him but to no avail. he and i bonded but i couldn’t take him home not knowing how he’d do with my dog, my cat and my kid. so he went to the only place that would take him off the streets ~ animal services, the county kill shelter ~ and i vowed to get him out. within days i found a rescue group to pull him. but he became a political pawn in the issues and mismanagement of the shelter and was deemed unadoptable and schedule for euthanization by the director. i started an online petition, caused a stink and eventually got him released to the rescue from which he was eventually adopted.

happily ever after.

since then, mini-me and i have taken to visiting animal services. it’s heart wrenching but we hope that the little bit of light we can bring to the hundreds and hundreds of dogs let them know if only for a short while that not all humans suck. i’m pretty good at being the hard ass. always have been. as much as i want to save them all i know the problem is much bigger than me. but a month or so ago one little guy caught my eye. he was emaciated and cowered in the corner of his kennel. it took about 10 minutes of coaxing to get him to timidly come to the bars but even then he wouldn’t so much as sniff my hand. he was, no doubt, the kind of dog that any potential adopter would write off and given his scheduled next day euthanization date, apparently so had animal services. but as mini-me walked around behind me, he wouldn’t take his eyes off her. huge brown eyes begging for someone to love him and give him a chance!

it was the eyes that stole my heart!

it was the eyes that stole my heart!

sad, scared and not an ounce of confidence

sad, scared and not an ounce of confidence

for so many reasons, i knew we couldn’t adopt another dog. but suddenly i wanted to foster. why this guy i’m not sure. there were so many others. cuter. friendlier. but next thing i knew i was putting in the foster application and a few days later we busted him out of animal services and took him home. mini-me wanted to call him bailey. i was stuck on kyler. so we compromised and named him baylor.

i'm outta' here!

i’m outta’ here!

kiva ~ our border collie ~ was a bit hesitant but welcomed him into her world. the cat on the other hand wasn’t so sure. but it didn’t take long for baylor to settle in. and little by little we’ve watched this pathetic animal transition into a new dog. a fear of eating became a food-crazed piglet. a permanently tucked tail turned to kisses and cuddles. a disinterest in everything was replaced with a love of tennis balls and rope tug-of-war with kiva. he’s learned to walk ~ and run with me ~ nicely on the leash. we’ve housebroken him and taught him a handful of commands. he’s smart. klutzy. strong. playful. and all together an amazing dog. it almost breaks my heart that i know some day soon i’m going to have to let him go to his forever home that we have yet to find ~ or really even try to find. but i know it’s what best. for him. for us. too little room and a few future uncertainties that make me know we can’t adopt. it won’t be easy but i have to remind myself that i turned that scared, near death little critter into this amazing dog.




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  • 1. kitkat1126  |  November 26, 2013 at 12:38 pm

    HOLY look at the difference in Baylor from those first pictures to now. That is incredible!

    So first, his eyes remind me so much of Bentley that I want to drive down and take him home, it pulls so much at my heart strings. But then I remember how much work one puppy has been…

    In all seriousness, you and miniME are amazing. To take a puppy home in that state, and love him back into good health and build up his confidence takes a lot of effort, love and time – and now living it – it’s the hardest part of having a dog! But the rewards are so obvious and you two truly saved his life. I hope you and miniME realize how wonderful and amazing you are for that. I hope Baylor finds a forever home that is as amazing as yours has turned out to be. And I love the name Baylor 🙂

  • 2. Miss Mile High  |  December 2, 2013 at 8:30 pm

    Honestly – I just don’t have the love for the Pitts like I know I should as an animal lover. I’ve seen too many scary stories to forever taint me and I know – intellectually – that they aren’t all bad, but they still scare me.

    I have a friend in Boston who has a PB and he appears to be the sweetest thing ever. But when I went to visit her I was scared shitless the whole time this sweet dog was loose because I just didn’t know. And when we went on a walk together she let him off his leash in a public place and I saw the scared faces of so many people like me who wanted to love he dog but just weren’t sure.

    That sucks. No doubt. But I also can’t pretend to not be afraid when I am. I really am.

    So bless you both for not only loving Vinny, but also trying to open the awareness for people like me who love dogs but just have that fear of certain ones.

    I’m so glad you have Baylor!

    • 3. becelisa  |  December 3, 2013 at 9:36 am

      i respect and understand the fear people have of pits. any dog can snap and bite. animals are just that … animals! and you just never know. and though chihuahuas have higher bite rate than pits (MUCH higher) reality is they can’t do the damage one pit bite will. but pits are one of the most loyal, intelligent and loving breeds. unless raised otherwise. still i’d never let a pit off leash around people (unless in a dog park) not because i’d be worried about the dog but because i’d respect the fear i know many have.


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