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January 1, 2014 at 10:59 am 2 comments

i’ve spent the past few weeks trying to decide on my word for 2014. like last year, i’d pick one ~ one that would tell a good story or make for a good blog post ~ only to decide not long after that it wasn’t quite right. i have to feel it. to know it’s not just a strong word but one i can live by and more importantly grow from.

words like acceptance and simplicity seemed nice but almost as though i was giving up and having to settle for less than what i want to strive for. and words like perseverance or authenticity seemed too easy. more descriptive of where i already am versus where i need to be. i even almost went with selfishness as i rarely allow myself to come first. but truth is i am already selfish. not in negative way. but i give a lot to who i am. the run. the friends. the comforts.

then early yesterday i decided on “present”. i am one hundred percent certain i need to learn to live in the present instead of trying to control and plan the future. but throughout the day i found myself asking if “present was powerful enough? was it a word that would echo through my mind and hold me to the moment in front of me. would it keep me grounded and remind me to live in the here and now versus always being ten steps ahead. and then last night as i readied for a night out with friends it came clear. what holds me here. literally. and what could keep me from drifting to where my mind, heart and soul always seem to try and escape to. figuratively.


so here’s to an amazing 2014. a year in which i will make every effort to simply live for the moments and the memories. held to them by gravity.


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1,000 miles to go zoom zoom

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  • 1. kitkat1126  |  January 2, 2014 at 3:54 pm

    I love it! I think living in the moment, and in the memories being made can be one of the hardest yet most rewarding things to do especially if you’re an analyst/over-thinker/like to be in control type of person 😉

    Can’t wait to follow more of your memories being made this year…especially ones that include recaps of your 1,000 miles!

  • 2. music is love in search of a word | becelisa  |  January 6, 2015 at 1:17 pm

    […] last year my word was gravity. a need to stay grounded in the present versus the obsessive ten-steps-ahead planning i tend to falling victim to. living in the moment wasn’t always easy for me but no doubt i found myself paying more attention to and trying to curtail my need to look so far ahead. it may sound silly but i even added a few songs that incorporate the word gravity to a playlist that i found myself listening to whenever i needed a reminder. […]


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