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January 20, 2014 at 9:09 am 2 comments

this weekend i found myself with a last minute unexpected free saturday night so i made the impromptu decision to head up to the long haul 100. i didn’t know many running the race but a few friends were pacing and i knew there was always the chance another runner might be looking for some company. and even if not, i needed miles and what better place to get them. i threw the futon and sleeping bag in the back of the Rav4, grabbed a six pack and my running gear and headed out the door.

a few emails back and forth had me almost set to pace a runner but by the time i got there she was out for her next loop and at almost 20 miles each, i knew i wouldn’t be needed for hours if at all. but i had forgotten that there was a shorter race as well ~ a 100 furlong (random i know) or 12.5 miles and the governor was running it. though she had a pacer joining her, i hopped in with them to make sure i got in a semi-decent run.

we started off strong leading the (very small) pack and not long in we were joined by a guy who turned out to be tavi’s boss. the four of us hung together. trails in the dark. a gorgeous star lit sky. and temps hovering in the mid-30s. heaven. at times we passed 100 milers 12 hours into their journey and we did our best to encourage and praise. we chatted as we ran knowing we had a decent lead on the rest of the field but still wanting to run strong. around mile eight the boss started to pull ahead and i found myself at his side. the governor had her pacer and though i certainly wasn’t pacing this dude, i decided to see if i could hang with him. little by little his pace kept increasing and given what he had said about his running ability i both worried and silently prayed he wouldn’t be able to maintain. i was struggling ~ big time ~ trying to stick with him and many a time almost stopped to wait for the governor (the break to catch my breath the real reason!) but regardless of the fact that i wasn’t even running the race, i really wanted to kill it.

we came out of the woods for the final mile down a paved path and as i feared, the boss only increased his pace more. i have no idea what we were running ~ i hadn’t worn my garmin ~ but at one point i felt like i was about to puke. yet somehow i hung on. as we came into the final stretch i went to slow down to let him run it in across the finish while i went wide to the side but he wouldn’t let me “heck no! you hammered it out this long, you are crossing it with me!”

the boss’s garmin measured the course at 13.3 and our finish time was 1:58. on trials. in the dark! my half PR is 1:55 … on road. in daylight! i’m thinking i may need another half in the near future to see what i can REALLY do!

afterwards i grabbed my sleeping bag and headed to the main staging area. beers around the fire pit watching the 100 milers run in and out of the darkness. but around 1 a.m. i couldn’t hang any longer. temps had dropped below 30 degrees and the logistics and setup of the race meant i either had to go all the way back to the parking lot to sleep in my car away from all the action, or sleep in a camping chair by the fire. given i could barely feel my toes, neither option seemed worth it so i packed up and headed home.

not sure when i went from unexpected free saturday nights being about bars and hangovers to 13 miles and camp fires but what an awesome night!


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  • 1. kitkat1126  |  January 21, 2014 at 2:07 pm

    I would bet that by the time your next post comes out… you’ll have a half-marathon in mind (or will already be signed up for one). Let’s see what you can do!!! 😉

  • 2. 100 percent nuts | becelisa  |  July 11, 2014 at 11:01 am

    […] closer to home. and there was only one race that made sense. cold weather likely. flat. familiar. i ran the 100 furlong out there this past year. and supported runners until the cold numbed my body and sent me retreating home to my warm bed. so […]


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