50 memories of me

April 16, 2014 at 10:17 am 1 comment

what are your 50 best memories? why not try to write them down and think about each of them for a little while …

when i read the post on a friend’s facebook status i was instantly drawn to it. life. memories. 50. such a cool concept. i reached for my computer. poured a glass of wine. poised and ready to tackle the challenge. but then i stopped.

… and thought a little more

… and realized that just the fact that i saw it as a challenge was sad. i’m 41 years old. 502 months. approximately 15,265 days. should it really be hard for me to come up with 50 amazing life moments. because if it is. if i have to stop and think about this then i’m doing something very, very wrong …

so here goes. 50 memories of me. in no particular order other than random perfection …

1. april 23, 2000 ~ the easter sunday my daughter was born and made my life complete
2. that day in provincetown with boston
3. crossing the finish line of the croom fools 50 miler
4. finishing the augusta half ironman sub 6 hours!
5. monhegan island ~ and with the island comes these:
   6. meeting the island girl
   7. hiking the cliffs
   8. jumping off the rock on swim beach
   9. fishing off the dock
   10. fairy houses
   11. rough seas on the balmy days
   12. dead man’s cove
   13. jack ~ pain in the ass that he was …
   14. the island girl’s wedding
   15. seeing mini-me experience the island for the first time (it’s time to go back no doubt!)
16. learning my mom was cancer free
17. my wedding day (at least at the time)
18. the day my divorce was final ~ sad but true
19. the phone message that the actor had broken up with his girlfriend and had called LH for my number
20. the night in worchester with boston
21. ms. mccormick (my kindergarten teacher)
22. recesses with the brunette and the redhead
23. being named queen of the kissing girls on the playground in elementary school
24. watching mini-me see kiva (our dog) for the first time christmas morning
25. boston commons with boston
26. shooting targets with my great granmother
27. honaleigh ~ the rock by our pond on martha’s vineyard
28. picking raspberries in jean carlo minotti’s garden in scotland
29. nights in the arcade at lake quantababcock jamming out to joan jett’s i love rock n’ roll on the juke box
30. midnight new year’s 2011 with the hunter
31. teaching mini-me to ride a bike
32. bike week with the bunny
33. letters from jesse
34. getting bouncer, my first dog, for my (8th?) birthday. we had other dogs but this was the first one who was MINE.
35. crabbing in annapolis
36. hearing boston tell me he loved me for the very first time
37. getting my chevy cavalier convertible ~ white with navy interior exactly as i wanted ~ at my 16th birthday party
38. the circle fort at the bottom of my childhood street
39. performing with the jazz band at my junior year gala
40. tennis camp at the boca raton country club
41. guy and the rose
42. singing at glen echo
43. birthday pinatas ~ hand made by my mom ~ in the back yard
44. mrytle the turtle and all the trips that surround my visits to see her
45. sitting with my granddaddy at the kitchen table eating peel n’ eat shrimp. one of the last clear memories i have of him.
46. lying in the field behind jenny lake lodge in jackson hole wyoming mesmerized by the amount of stars in the night sky
47. mini-me’s first steps
48. bonfires on lucy vincent beach
49. finding out i was pregnant with mini-me
50. mexico with my aunt and uncle taco :)

really finding 50 wasn’t as tough a task as i thought it might be. and i’m sure if i just busted out a few old photo albums i could easily list a hundred more. but here’s what i find hard with this. take number 37. my birthday car. a few months later, when my father and step mother started vicious divorce proceedings she had it labeled marital property and had it taken to the vineyard for use at the summer house. i never saw it again. or worse. number 50. any memories of the wonderful times i had with my aunt candy and uncle gerry (who i didn’t even know existed until i was around 15) are scarred by the fact that in my early 20s he brutally murdered her then killed himself. not everything on this list is followed by sadness but why is it sometimes easier to reflect back on the hard times than it is to simply relish in the memories of those moments of bliss.

at the beginning of this year i remember reading a challenge that someone posed to write down one memory, the best part of the day, each and every night before going to bed. and then the other day kitkat wrote this post after something i said to her! i think weekly is more realistic for me to do then nightly so i’m going to try it. maybe simply reflecting on the good will help remind me that the wonders in my life have far outweighed the sometimes painful challenges.

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  • 1. kitkat1126  |  April 18, 2014 at 9:03 am

    I feel like I could write 65 cliches about how highs are only so high because of lows and perspective and all that but you know it…

    I think focusing on the good part of each memory, is truly what keeps the bad from eating away at us completely. The difference between making a choice to lead a happy life or letting the negative take away our happiness little by little. I know you’re too strong and stubborn to ever let that happen.

    I am looking forward to these types of posts from you, and hopefully elaborating on some of these memories. It’ll be some damn good insight into you 🙂


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