letting it go

June 6, 2014 at 12:59 pm 2 comments

i’ve spent the last couple of weeks angry. angry at the “someone” (who i’m going to call the iceman going forward). angry at my mother. angry at my brother. and most of all angry at myself. it’s a horrible way to live so i’m choosing to let it all go. anger is not an emotion i fall victim to often. i find it virtually useless and it eats away at the soul. i can no more change someone else’s behaviors than i can change the color of the sky. but i can change the way i react to those behaviors. so as i let go of the anger and negativity i’m going to once again reflect on some of the awesomeness that is my world.

today is mini-me’s last day of middle school. holy crap i’ll have a high schooler. as freaked out as i am, i am so incredibly proud of her. she made the decision to not go to our (very highly ranked) districted public school but applied for and got into our school option for an international baccalaureate program. it’s not going to be easy. but she wants it and conceivably if she does things right she could graduate high school with her first year of college complete.

can i just say again how much i love my new job?! i’m part of an amazing team and truly enjoy being here every day. yes, i would still prefer to win the lotto and travel all over running ultras but if i have to earn a living, this is a pretty damn great way to do it.

i seriously have some awesome friends. last night i went for dinner and drinks with “my bitches”. my two besties from my old neighborhood. two-for-one margaritas and more laughs than i’ve had in a long time. i needed it!

tres locas

tres locas

and last but not least … about an hour ago i went to a nearby bike store that’s going out of business on my lunch break. went in for a new bike rack for the jeep. came out with this 🙂

mountain bike

time to hit the trails!



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  • 1. kitkat1126  |  June 6, 2014 at 1:20 pm

    First, the anger.

    I find that I get most angry at someone when I’m holding back what I need to stay or want to say, and just keep holding it in until I’m so angry I could scream. I’ve felt this way (especially with family members) often in the past.

    While I think the best option is to let it go, because you’re so right, you can only control you, and staying angry wastes so much energy. BUT, if there is anything you can say or do to help deep down really get rid of that anger (I’m not saying solve your issue, because we all know, that’s not always possible, but just releasing your own feelings), well I say do it. Otherwise I find it creeps back in (and sometimes does so at really inappropriate moments). I actually can’t think of my older sister right now without feeling angry, and I should take my own advice because right now all I’m doing it ignoring it and focusing on other good things.

    On to the rest:

    WOOHOOOO life sounds GOOD!!!!

    1. Is the jeep wave a real thing? Makes me want one. (A real one, not the patriot i have)

    2. Your new job sounds like exactly what you needed. I’m so glad it’s turning out the way it is!

    3. Friends, especially the ones you can just laugh with all night long are the best medicine out there

    4. Mini-me sounds pretty awesome… just like her Momma!

    5. mountain biking?! details! that’s one activity minus when in Patagonia I’ve done very little of. Does Florida have good trails?!

    • 2. becelisa  |  June 6, 2014 at 1:31 pm

      i think my anger stems largely from the same thing. unfortunately with my mother and brother i’ve talked, screamed, cried and begged and my words fall on def ears. addiction and enabling aren’t easily solved. i think writing helps though. it lets me get the words out at least in some way.

      yes. the jeep wave is a real thing. it makes me smile 🙂 get one! you’ll love it!!!

      i have never even tried mountain biking! lol. but i’ve wanted to for awhile and the sale was too good to pass up. i have a feeling i’ll love it. you know how i feel about the woods! there are some surprisingly technical trails down here. lots on old phosphate mines so the drops are crazy! i think i’ll stick flat ones for awhile though! my ultimate goal is to try adventure racing 🙂


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