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June 10, 2014 at 11:09 am 2 comments

this past weekend i returned to the scene of my very first triathlon ~ the dunedin tri ~ which i raced in 2012. i have to admit i didn’t train. at all. well except for the run that is. but i didn’t cut back my run mileage as planned. i rode a mere three times. and i never made it into the water. not once! i wasn’t worried per se. i’m a strong athlete and i knew i could finish with a decent time, but i didn’t expect anything worthy of writing home about.

i got there early and met up with the wingman who had registered last minute. i really hadn’t given being there alone much thought. sometimes i shy away from the events that lots of people i know register for. though i’m social, i think in some ways i’m a loner by nature, and i don’t like to get caught up in the group dynamics drama that usually unfolds. but i have to admit i was thrilled to have him there.

transition setup was a breeze and after we were settled, the wingman and i walked down to the water. last time i raced this event was horrid! rough waters and my own intense first-timer fears. but this year we couldn’t have asked for better swim conditions. trade-off was that it was hotter than hell but that to me was marginal concern versus drowning or getting eaten by a shark! 😉

in the few tris i’ve done, i’ve always made every effort to stay back of the pack in the swim. but this time, i opted to put myself front and center. with a mid-level tide and a sandbar that i knew would be emergency situation stand-able the entire swim i felt secure enough to give it a go. when my wave went off i went out hard, simply finding a way to deal with the feet in my face and the arms flailing over my legs and body. i won’t lie. it sucked! and there were moments of intense panic, but i kept my composure and found a decent stroke.

though most people seemed to hate the quarter-mile run in from swim exit to transition, i loved it. that couple of minutes allowed me to regain my wits and prep mentally for the ride. i stumbled a bit through T1. i’ve got to work on my transitions if i ever want to be a decent triathlete. and headed out for the two-loop, 12-mile ride.

riding a bike is a breeze. but riding a bike fast simply isn’t something i’m good at! i suppose a little regular cross training would help solve that problem but the bike remains my weakest discipline! but i pushed through and got through an uneventful ride in a decent time.

bring on the run. my strength! and even better is this race is largely trail. but trails with little to no shade and absolutely no air movement. thankfully i was smart enough to grab a freezing cold bottle of water from my cooler before running out of transition. i hate to carry when i run short distance but it was my saving grace no doubt. not to drink. most of it went down the back of my shirt to cool my body temps. but it made all the difference. i managed to pass a few in my age group. it’s certainly helpful how tris make you write your age across your calf. and with about a mile to go i saw a woman within striking distance and i vowed to catch her. i got to within a few strides and settled in mentally prepping for the kill i planned to make in the final stretch. with me behind her she had no idea i was her age group so i hoped she wouldn’t start to push too hard. but at about half a mile out she stopped for some reason and though i hoped she was spent and wouldn’t catch back up somehow i knew better. sure enough within seconds i felt her breathing down my neck until we were side by side. we ran that way. neither daring to pull ahead too fast too soon. but with a quarter mile to go she made a mistake … she lay the challenge on the table. we made the final turn and both broke into a full on sprint. somehow i can always find it and i LOVE having someone push me to it. when results were said and done, i beat her by half a second! that counts 🙂

i was sixth female in age group. original results showed seventh but someone got pulled off final results. not sure why. and when comparing this year to last time i raced this event, i’m both thrilled and disappointed.

2012 — 13:05
2014 — 10:17

2012 — 2:15
2014 — 2:12

2012 — 38:11
2014 — 38:45

2012 — 2:14
2014 — 1:44

2012 — 27:11
2014 — 26:19

my overall time was better by almost four minutes. and i certainly can’t complain about that. but where i’m mad at myself is being left to wonder what i really could do if i actually trained right. but fact is, i’m not a triathlete. yes, i do these now and then. but it’s not what i love and this race confirmed that. trails. woods. run. that’s what i love. but i’ve got the tarpon springs sprint in september and for that one i think i’d like to really tri.


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letting it go catching up

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  • 1. Kristin  |  June 10, 2014 at 12:05 pm

    Great job!!! Nice time drops!!!

  • 2. Miss Mile High  |  June 30, 2014 at 7:03 pm

    I never love race recaps, but yours always suck me in. The drama you create in the story is what I need. Congrats on the time! A half a second win is a total win!


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