100 training: take two

August 19, 2014 at 4:03 am Leave a comment

week one of 100 training could not have gone any better. i hit every run as planned. not a mile less and, maybe more surprising, not a mile more. a plan is there for a reason i told myself. so stick to it. and i did … until week two. wtf seriously?! week TWO and not only did i skip a run but it was my long run! but what was supposed to be a short friday evening happy hour with the captain might have lasted a little longer than planned and included a few more martinis than intended. but he had been on a business trip half the week and my mom had been in town before that so it had been a week since i had seen him and somehow that just took precedence. i know i know. not like me to pick a man over the run but really the decision was an easy one.

over the weekend i made the comment to toop ~ a friend who is also training for the 100 ~ that IF it comes down to it, i will pick the potential of this not-yet-even-an-official-relationship over the race and she was appalled. to be honest i’m a bit surprised at myself but i was still taken aback by the intensity of her reaction. the ‘dillo can do it, she argued, and he’s married with kids. and tavi did it while starting a new relationship. i countered with the facts that the ‘dillo has a solid marriage with a wife who’s an amazing support network. and tavi has no kids so outside the run and work, she was able to give enough to build what’s become a strong relationship. but it’s just me, myself and i. between mini-me, my career, two dogs (we took in another foster a few months back that has yet to find a home), the upkeep of a house and the adjustment of mini-me starting high school, i was already worried about finding the time to put into this kind of race distance. i certainly never expected to meet someone i truly feel as though there’s a potential future with. it’s not a decision i’m making now or plan to make lightly. my intent is to run this race and to run it strong. and the captain is well aware of the time commitment it will take and has already said he can and will tolerate support me through it. but for the first time in a long time i want to run towards something not away from it.

that said, training is getting back on track this week. i may even be planning a few extra miles to make up for what last week lacked. and date night is scheduled for the night before a rest day! if there’s a way to have it all, no doubt i’ll find it.


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oh captain, my captain that’s all she wrote

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