100 training: take 5

October 8, 2014 at 12:56 pm Leave a comment

with the confirmed change in race and crappy few weeks of running, i’ve revised my training schedule for the do-over weeks and determined where i am. last week was the new week five. plan called for 43 miles with my saturday/sunday back-to-back at 18/7 but i took it a few extra steps miles and did 51 with a 20/12 weekend.

saturday’s run wasn’t great. it was just me and tavi at the bb trails. and when i say just me and tavi i don’t mean that we had no other runners with us but that we saw no other runners period. might have had a little something to do with the weather. rain the first ten miles. life sucking humidity the second. by mile 18 i was having a tough time physically and even worse mentally. trying to wrap my brain around adding another 80 miles ~ EIGHTY. FUCKING. MILES. ~ onto the 20 i was struggling through really knocked my confidence down a notch or two.

tavi, who has a couple 100s under her race belt, tried to caution me to not over think it. that it will never conceivably seem doable and it will never be easy. but one step at a time can, and will, get me to that finish line. god, i hope she’s right. we all know i’m a thinker. an over analyzer who leaves personal destruction in a path of self-inflicted rationality. really though, rationality should reaffirm the fact that 100 miles is possible. i see it done all the time. by people i know personally. some i know i’m a stronger runner than. but fact is 100 miles isn’t run on physical strength alone. it’s mental durability. the ability to push aside self doubt and demons while enduring literal and figurative darkness. and that’s where i question.

sunday i set out into the woods alone. an over night cool front teasing with a taste of fall that was calling my name. i hurt. tired, sore legs and an ankle that questioned. but a few miles in i found that place. the one a runner can’t ever really explain. the one that gets blanket-labeled as the “runner’s high” but is far more personal. i rarely run trails solo. a fear of the possible what-ifs. so the safe easy stop point should have been enough. the flooded trails could have turned me back. the chance encounter of not one, but two sets of runner friends offered company unexpected. but i needed to go it solo. to regain a little of what i felt i’d lost the day before. and no doubt i did.

i know the next 19 weeks will be a struggle and test of so much more than i’ve ever asked of myself. there will be many, many days when i want to quit and where i question everything about this journey. but sometimes something as little as 12 strong solo introspective miles can counter with a vengeance!


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third 100 time’s a charm when opportunity knocks

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