when opportunity knocks

October 9, 2014 at 11:28 am 2 comments

i very rarely write about work. maybe due to fear of coworkers ever finding my blog. or maybe because i just don’t think it’s professional. but i need to share!

late wednesday afternoon the director and my boss asked if they could talk to me privately. though i couldn’t for the life of me imagine anything i had done wrong, those split seconds before we sat down had all sorts of paranoias flashing through my mind. do i spend too much time on social media … though it is actually part of my job. had one of my programs complained about my sometimes hard-ass approach … except the director has hinted that it’s exactly why she put me as lead on those particular challenges. am i not doing a good job … in spite of the data that clearly shows i am. what did i do?!

but immediately my fears were quelled. the director, who i can not say enough good things about, started by saying i am by far one of the most talented, dedicated, intelligent employees she has ever had on any of her teams. she went on and on and, not kidding, i almost teared up with the unexpected, and obviously leading to something, glowing review she was giving me. she followed with how impressed and happy they are with my work and that my position is something i no doubt was the perfect hire for.

but the big guy on campus is putting more and more on our plates. another massive program being tasked to us in the near future. i perked up with interest in the possibility that they were about to offer me the lead. but before i could even consider what it would mean to my current workload the direction changed to the very obvious fact that given the excess already asked of us it would need to lead to additional hires. three new people likely. exactly what undefined with the exception of one position. she had made mention of the maybe a couple months back and i commented with interest. a heavily writing based role that seemed right up my alley even more so than the one i’m in now. as she talked about it i waited with bated breath for her to ask if i would be interested in applying for it when it was officially posted. but what she said caught me off guard. “the position is yours if you want it. we won’t list it. we won’t interview for it. or you can choose to stay in your current role and take lead on the new. we have no doubt you will excel in either.”

i was stunned. i’ve been here less than six months and never expected new opportunity already. “you don’t need to decide now.” she went on to say. “everything should be approved next week with a job description and detail so wait until you see it then take the time you need to weigh the options.”

but to me there is no debate. no care that it’s (unfortunately) a lateral salary move. the position is a potential dream come true. not just for the immediate but for the future. i’ll wait for the description. i’ll wait for the official. but baring any unforeseen circumstances, i fully expect to be in a new role in the next few weeks!


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