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i have no idea why i’ve never really written about this but there is a facet of my life that sometimes adds a little crazy. for the past nine years mini-me and i have had a dog. a sweet, uncharacteristically calm border collie named kiva. we often thought about getting her a friend but really one dog seemed enough given our schedules.


My girl Kiva

but a couple years back we helped rescue a pit bull that some asshole tied up and abandoned outside the ice rink where mini skates. we couldn’t bring him home given the uncertainty of his behavior but we started visiting him at the county shelter where he was taken until we found a rescue group to pull him. we named him vinny, after vinny lecavalier of the tampa bay lightning (hockey. ice rink. get it?) and a month or so later he was adopted and off on a new life!



after that we kept visiting the shelter. it was after all right across from the ice rink. and though it was heart breaking to see hundreds of dogs in tiny kennels, many of who we knew wouldn’t ever get out alive, we figured that even the little bit of love we could bring them was more than many had ever seen. i still wasn’t sure about another full-time dog, but i started considering fostering and a few months later i was suckered by a huge pair of pleading eyes that begged to be saved.

Baylor <3


baylor, as we named him, was an emaciated boxer mix who was so scared he had to be carried out of his kennel the day we took him home. he was with us for about three months before a couple in town visiting saw us at an adoption event and today he’s an absolutely gorgeous specimen of a dog living the life in new jersey with his daddy.

next came dana. a sweet blue pit who was brought into the shelter without the litter of puppies she had obviously recently had. a shelter volunteer said she cried for them every night and she was unlikely to get adopted due to patches of demodex mange. she was still with us when i started dating the trainer who came with two dogs of his own and though i was close to foster failing, i knew that IF (and at that



point it was a big if) i ever wanted to foster again, i had to find her a home of her own so we would have room. it wasn’t long before the trainer was basically living with us and three permanent dogs in a small house was enough! the trainer posted her on his company Facebook page ~ it helps when your boyfriend owns a dog training company! ~ and a couple weeks later she found a new mommy, daddy and two little boys who adore her!

Hendrix and Ellie ~ the trainer's dogs

Hendrix and Ellie ~ the trainer’s dogs

suddenly i got the label of dog rescuer among my friends and a couple months later i got a text from a running buddy about a stray living in the parking lot of her office. the security guard who worked there was interested in keeping her but he was going out of town for a few weeks and she wouldn’t come close enough for him to catch her anyway. enter me and a bag full of wendy’s cheeseburgers. and that afternoon luna came home with us. a planned temporary stay until her new family was back in town.



This rescue brought to you by McDonald's cheeseburgers

This rescue brought to you by Wendy’s cheeseburgers

not long after luna left us, i got a text from a total stranger! a business acquaintance of luna’s daddy. she needed help with a seemingly aggressive pit behind her office building. again, armed with cheeseburgers i found myself in a situation that i feared would not have a fairy tale ending. but my apparent dog whispering charms calmed the fearful beast and that afternoon cali joined our pack. she ended up getting adopted by the newest employee at the trainer’s company. and suddenly we were back to three. phew. relax.



but i was addicted to watching a shelter facebook page. and one day i found myself keeping tabs on a pretty little tripod named dixie. i even went to visit her and was charmed in spite of her very distant demeanor. i didn’t take her home that day. i figured the allure of a good story would entice someone to adopt a three-legged dog, but everything changed when an assessor decided to label her “rescue only” (meaning she had to be pulled by a rescue and not adopted by an individual) citing no aggression but simply “areas of concern” as the reason.



and then two days later she was #1 on the euthanasia list. PISSED. ME. OFF! i knew in my heart that dog was not aggressive. and a couple messages to a rescue i had some ties with allowed me to pull her with them as my backer. i literally had to stop mid trail run and call from the woods to ensure they didn’t put her down. and hours later she was on the way home with me.

as expected dixie was not aggressive at all. she loved our pack. she didn’t really give a crap about us humans though so we actively sought to find her a new home that had at least one other dog and it seemed we had found perfection when a young couple with another tripod took her home.

three days later, and with the 100 percent desire to give ourselves a little break, i was driving out of our subdivision when a puppy jumped out in front of my jeep. i was able to stop before hitting her and when i got out to check on her, she ran right to me. i looked around desperately for the owner who i was sure had to be running after her but hours later after knocking on multiple doors and putting up signs on every tree possible, charlie came into our lives. that one earned me the nickname the human dog bone from the trainer’s dad. so much for our break! we now had an eight month old puppy, that was not housebroken and had vicious diarrhea and a case of food aggression. it had been years since i’d had a puppy and the energy level, though adorable in so many ways, was exhausting!



just as we were adjusting i got a call from dixie’s adopter. their other dog had attacked, unprovoked, and dixie was at the emergency clinic. thirteen stitches across her butt later, she was back with us as they knew they couldn’t risk her being hurt again.

so there we were. with five dogs. and when the trainer went out of town last week for a conference i seriously thought i was going to lose my mind. but this past saturday charlie got adopted by an amazing couple. and dixie … she’s suddenly become an absolute people lover who won’t let me walk past her without begging me to rub her belly or let her kiss me all over. we’re not certain what our plan is for her. we always come back to our previous decision that keeping a fourth means we limit our ability to ever foster or rescue again but damn that little tripod is growing on me! not to mention she kinda balances out my ocd 😉 …

11220906_10154172556577786_7550584799156761571_n copy


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  • 1. PDX Running Chick  |  September 23, 2015 at 12:10 pm

    You! Are! Awesome! Thanks for doing what you do!

    I’m glad you’re back to writing. I need to find it in me. 🙂

    • 2. becelisa  |  September 23, 2015 at 7:29 pm

      you will when you’re ready. i miss reading things from you though so hurry it up would you?! 😉

  • 3. Miss Mile High  |  September 23, 2015 at 12:20 pm

    Love this!! They are all so lucky to have you!

    • 4. becelisa  |  September 23, 2015 at 7:39 pm

      when i get home from work and they are all lined up waiting to smother me with kisses i feel like the lucky one! ❤

  • 5. sbauer77  |  September 23, 2015 at 12:41 pm

    Isn’t it crazy how we get sucked in to the rescue world? I currently have two Boxer/Pit mixes that I rescued as pups, a sweet little Bully foster failure, and an oversized goof of an American Bulldog who is currently up for adoption only because he needs to be the only dog in the home! Keep doing what you’re doing. We can’t save them all but what a difference we can make in the lives of those we can save. Check out my website,, to see a few of my pups and pup clients!

    • 6. becelisa  |  September 23, 2015 at 7:38 pm

      it’s an interesting world for sure! i’ve learned a lot about rescue organizations ~ some good. some bad ~ and seen my fair share of heart wrenching situations. i love what you do! i fully believe that my constant massage (untrained foster mom massage) is what has led dixie to come out of her shell and trust humans. she used to walk away from it but now she just flops on her back and stretches her legs out as far as they can go and begs for attention. i read a couple of your blog posts as well … i sure wish i had known the tumeric for diarrhea thing with charlie! it was a nasty few days.


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