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trying to come back from a mental “blah” is harder than from a physical injury! i’m seriously trying to find a rhythm but it ain’t easy. two weeks ago i managed to get in only two runs. of only four miles each. and one ride of 18. but i also had a last minute visit from the bunny which of course meant patron. lots of it. and the once or twice a year i get to see her makes the over drinking, over eating and under exercising worth it.

this past week was a little bit better. only two runs again but this time four and eight, a 20 mile ride and a first dip back in the pool. i have to admit i kind of missed the water. especially in the hell heat of summer we’ve been enduring. i had hoped to manage somewhere around 800 meters comfortably. but ended up making it a full 1600! barely. at 1,550 i heard the lifeguard whistle and knew the storm i was racing was about to beat me but she let me finish my down lap to complete the mile.

the goals this coming week. (yes goals. i think setting measurable markers again will help) are:

swim: two times 1600m each
bike: two times with a 25 mile long
run: three times with a 10 mile long

with at least one bike to run brick. the only problem i foresee facing is this …

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 6.50.55 AM

we are, literally supposed to have solid rain for the next three days. i guess it’s the treadmill and bike trainer for me. blah.



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it’s time to come back. to here and to the run. and since the two have always gone hand-in-hand, it’s my last ditch effort on accountability before i admit defeat. i have forgotten that i am an athlete. sure, i run. sometimes. a few miles here. 15 miles there. it’s inconsistent at best and i’m no longer ok with it.

back in january. good god it’s been that long since i’ve written. i ran the croom zoom 100 miler. correction, i attempted to run the croom zoom 100. i try not to call that day a failure. i made it further than the body had ever allowed. 62 miles. but i didn’t make it the 100 i had set out for and in my mind, the means i failed.

my knee was shot. i mean SHOT. and after a few weeks down i did the obligatory X-ray that found arthritis. bone on bone. minor but enough that i had to consider options. after months of insurance company battles that option ended up being a series of injections of a joint lubricant. since then i’ve struggled. physically i’ve been ok. not 100 percent but good enough. but mentally i’ve yet to regain what i lost.

but i’m ready. not sure exactly what for yet. i toy with the idea that i still want to do a full iron man. but i hate that i have yet to check the 100 off my bucket list. then there’s still that pesky sub-4 marathon. do i dare leave the comfort and security of the woods and hit the road again in quest of speed?

but i’ve waffled over the debate for too long. so a few days ago i made a commitment. a small one. just a sprint tri in october. but a commitment nonetheless. yesterday i got back on the bike for the first ride in more than a year. and this week comes the water. i’m also on the waiting list for AO. a 100 mile race in december. that one is a “we’ll see” at best. it’s a free race and i can say no at any time so no skin off my back to stay wait listed as long as i need to decide.

hopefully i can commit to things. the races and the words. i miss both.

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100 training: week 4

so we all knew it was going to happen. it’s not like me to keep in check. to behave and actually follow a plan. saturday called for 14 miles … i did six. sunday called for five miles … i did 30. excessive? yes. but i couldn’t pass up the invite to do a birthday night run with andyM, tavi and a few others. and in my defense i am using a very light training plan that could probably use a little extra mileage here and there. and this coming week is likely going to be short. for starters i bailed on my run this morning. after a long weekend and a 30-miler a little extra sleep was just too tempting to pass up. and i have a tri this weekend so i’m not sure what kind of run mileage i can build in around it. and no, i haven’t swam or ridden once since my last! there’s a shocker huh? 😉

i felt decent on the 30. my ankle started to bother me around mile 20 which was probably a good thing as i had started contemplating throwing in a fourth loop and going for 40. but i was smart and stopped. and even more indicative of my increasing intelligence is that i went to the doctor today to have her reassess! she didn’t do new films but given where my pain is her thought is that it is still lingering joint issue from my talus rotation. chiro did a little more popping and adjusting and doctor gave me the all clear to keep training.

four weeks down. twenty to go.


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giving it another tri

this past weekend i returned to the scene of my very first triathlon ~ the dunedin tri ~ which i raced in 2012. i have to admit i didn’t train. at all. well except for the run that is. but i didn’t cut back my run mileage as planned. i rode a mere three times. and i never made it into the water. not once! i wasn’t worried per se. i’m a strong athlete and i knew i could finish with a decent time, but i didn’t expect anything worthy of writing home about.

i got there early and met up with the wingman who had registered last minute. i really hadn’t given being there alone much thought. sometimes i shy away from the events that lots of people i know register for. though i’m social, i think in some ways i’m a loner by nature, and i don’t like to get caught up in the group dynamics drama that usually unfolds. but i have to admit i was thrilled to have him there.

transition setup was a breeze and after we were settled, the wingman and i walked down to the water. last time i raced this event was horrid! rough waters and my own intense first-timer fears. but this year we couldn’t have asked for better swim conditions. trade-off was that it was hotter than hell but that to me was marginal concern versus drowning or getting eaten by a shark! 😉

in the few tris i’ve done, i’ve always made every effort to stay back of the pack in the swim. but this time, i opted to put myself front and center. with a mid-level tide and a sandbar that i knew would be emergency situation stand-able the entire swim i felt secure enough to give it a go. when my wave went off i went out hard, simply finding a way to deal with the feet in my face and the arms flailing over my legs and body. i won’t lie. it sucked! and there were moments of intense panic, but i kept my composure and found a decent stroke.

though most people seemed to hate the quarter-mile run in from swim exit to transition, i loved it. that couple of minutes allowed me to regain my wits and prep mentally for the ride. i stumbled a bit through T1. i’ve got to work on my transitions if i ever want to be a decent triathlete. and headed out for the two-loop, 12-mile ride.

riding a bike is a breeze. but riding a bike fast simply isn’t something i’m good at! i suppose a little regular cross training would help solve that problem but the bike remains my weakest discipline! but i pushed through and got through an uneventful ride in a decent time.

bring on the run. my strength! and even better is this race is largely trail. but trails with little to no shade and absolutely no air movement. thankfully i was smart enough to grab a freezing cold bottle of water from my cooler before running out of transition. i hate to carry when i run short distance but it was my saving grace no doubt. not to drink. most of it went down the back of my shirt to cool my body temps. but it made all the difference. i managed to pass a few in my age group. it’s certainly helpful how tris make you write your age across your calf. and with about a mile to go i saw a woman within striking distance and i vowed to catch her. i got to within a few strides and settled in mentally prepping for the kill i planned to make in the final stretch. with me behind her she had no idea i was her age group so i hoped she wouldn’t start to push too hard. but at about half a mile out she stopped for some reason and though i hoped she was spent and wouldn’t catch back up somehow i knew better. sure enough within seconds i felt her breathing down my neck until we were side by side. we ran that way. neither daring to pull ahead too fast too soon. but with a quarter mile to go she made a mistake … she lay the challenge on the table. we made the final turn and both broke into a full on sprint. somehow i can always find it and i LOVE having someone push me to it. when results were said and done, i beat her by half a second! that counts 🙂

i was sixth female in age group. original results showed seventh but someone got pulled off final results. not sure why. and when comparing this year to last time i raced this event, i’m both thrilled and disappointed.

2012 — 13:05
2014 — 10:17

2012 — 2:15
2014 — 2:12

2012 — 38:11
2014 — 38:45

2012 — 2:14
2014 — 1:44

2012 — 27:11
2014 — 26:19

my overall time was better by almost four minutes. and i certainly can’t complain about that. but where i’m mad at myself is being left to wonder what i really could do if i actually trained right. but fact is, i’m not a triathlete. yes, i do these now and then. but it’s not what i love and this race confirmed that. trails. woods. run. that’s what i love. but i’ve got the tarpon springs sprint in september and for that one i think i’d like to really tri.

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letting it go

i’ve spent the last couple of weeks angry. angry at the “someone” (who i’m going to call the iceman going forward). angry at my mother. angry at my brother. and most of all angry at myself. it’s a horrible way to live so i’m choosing to let it all go. anger is not an emotion i fall victim to often. i find it virtually useless and it eats away at the soul. i can no more change someone else’s behaviors than i can change the color of the sky. but i can change the way i react to those behaviors. so as i let go of the anger and negativity i’m going to once again reflect on some of the awesomeness that is my world.

today is mini-me’s last day of middle school. holy crap i’ll have a high schooler. as freaked out as i am, i am so incredibly proud of her. she made the decision to not go to our (very highly ranked) districted public school but applied for and got into our school option for an international baccalaureate program. it’s not going to be easy. but she wants it and conceivably if she does things right she could graduate high school with her first year of college complete.

can i just say again how much i love my new job?! i’m part of an amazing team and truly enjoy being here every day. yes, i would still prefer to win the lotto and travel all over running ultras but if i have to earn a living, this is a pretty damn great way to do it.

i seriously have some awesome friends. last night i went for dinner and drinks with “my bitches”. my two besties from my old neighborhood. two-for-one margaritas and more laughs than i’ve had in a long time. i needed it!

tres locas

tres locas

and last but not least … about an hour ago i went to a nearby bike store that’s going out of business on my lunch break. went in for a new bike rack for the jeep. came out with this 🙂

mountain bike

time to hit the trails!



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tis the season

it’s summer in florida. no, not technically yet, but i’ll be damned it sure feels like it. the heat. the humidity. it’s energy sapping.

i am not a warm weather warrior. put me on running trails in 30 degree weather and i’m in heaven. anything over 80 … hell. but taking the summer down isn’t an option nor is running inside in air conditioning. the only thing that would likely kill me quicker than the heat is being confined to four walls and a treadmill. so i’m putting summer plans in place; lower run mileage, higher bike mileage and as much time in the pool as i can find time for. unfortunately i do not mean floating on a raft with margarita in hand 😉

so yes, it’s tri season! given i’ve only done three tris in my life ~ two sprints and a half ironman ~ i’m not sure i can say i actually have a season for them, but i’m working on it! in fact i have my first race of “the season” on june 8. and no, i haven’t been in the water since september and my one bike ride of 18 miles likely doesn’t constitute training. but i’ve got four weeks right?

the only other race i’ve registered for is another sprint in september. there was a discount offer if i registered for these two at the same time. but i’m aiming to add at least two more. not sure if i’lll venture out of the sprint distance. i may have the 70.3 under my race belt but that was a river swim and i’m not sure i am physically ~ or more accurately mentally ~ ready for a longer ocean swim. and before anyone suggests it … i WILL NOT swim in a florida lake. sharks i’ll take my chances with. alligators not!

let the tri days of summer begin!


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sprinting through time

i don’t know why i can’t find the time to write these days. work is a bit hectic and life outside the office offers little reprieve. but i really should be able to sneak in a post or two each week. now i’m so far behind i don’t even know where to start. i guess i’ll stay chronological even though i’m itching to jump ahead. and though there are other aspects of life that i’ll share at some point as well, running comes first in here so that’s where i’ll start.

a couple months back i got convinced to do a sprint tri the weekend before mcm. not that it took much convincing. i wanted one this season. but i didn’t get in the water at all. not even once. in fact hadn’t been since augusta … LAST september! and my bike training consisted of two maybe three rides. add to that, i caught the nasty cold that mini-me brought home from school and the race was shaping up to be a disaster. i got asked by more than a few if i should even go through with it. but hacking up a lung or not, i don’t quit. it’s just not my style.

so i swam …

freaking out a little

freaking out a little

i biked …

thank goodness for flat bike courses

thank goodness for flat bike courses

i ran …

pushing hard at the finish

pushing hard at the finish

and i placed 5th in my age group!!!

winner winner!

winner winner!

granted i went home that day and pretty much didn’t move for almost two days. seriously i couldn’t even muster the energy to cook for my kid. but it’s been awhile since i’ve placed in a race so it was well worth it! and i learned a thing or two about my strengths ~ and weaknesses ~ as well. total shocker of the day was that i placed 2nd in age group in the swim. second!!! not only have i done a mere three open water swims in my entire life ~ my first tri, my second tri and now my third tri ~ but i’m scared to death of the ocean! so i’m pretty damn impressed with myself on that one. but flip side, i placed 11th on the bike. yikes! i know some of it is the low quality of my ride but fact is i’m weak. with a little strength training, some spin classes and some additional bike time i could have done far better. as for the run, it was solid. fourth in age group and a decent ~ though not fabulous ~ time. given all givens i’m happy with what i did and can’t wait until next tri season.


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