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trying to come back from a mental “blah” is harder than from a physical injury! i’m seriously trying to find a rhythm but it ain’t easy. two weeks ago i managed to get in only two runs. of only four miles each. and one ride of 18. but i also had a last minute visit from the bunny which of course meant patron. lots of it. and the once or twice a year i get to see her makes the over drinking, over eating and under exercising worth it.

this past week was a little bit better. only two runs again but this time four and eight, a 20 mile ride and a first dip back in the pool. i have to admit i kind of missed the water. especially in the hell heat of summer we’ve been enduring. i had hoped to manage somewhere around 800 meters comfortably. but ended up making it a full 1600! barely. at 1,550 i heard the lifeguard whistle and knew the storm i was racing was about to beat me but she let me finish my down lap to complete the mile.

the goals this coming week. (yes goals. i think setting measurable markers again will help) are:

swim: two times 1600m each
bike: two times with a 25 mile long
run: three times with a 10 mile long

with at least one bike to run brick. the only problem i foresee facing is this …

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 6.50.55 AM

we are, literally supposed to have solid rain for the next three days. i guess it’s the treadmill and bike trainer for me. blah.



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it’s time to come back. to here and to the run. and since the two have always gone hand-in-hand, it’s my last ditch effort on accountability before i admit defeat. i have forgotten that i am an athlete. sure, i run. sometimes. a few miles here. 15 miles there. it’s inconsistent at best and i’m no longer ok with it.

back in january. good god it’s been that long since i’ve written. i ran the croom zoom 100 miler. correction, i attempted to run the croom zoom 100. i try not to call that day a failure. i made it further than the body had ever allowed. 62 miles. but i didn’t make it the 100 i had set out for and in my mind, the means i failed.

my knee was shot. i mean SHOT. and after a few weeks down i did the obligatory X-ray that found arthritis. bone on bone. minor but enough that i had to consider options. after months of insurance company battles that option ended up being a series of injections of a joint lubricant. since then i’ve struggled. physically i’ve been ok. not 100 percent but good enough. but mentally i’ve yet to regain what i lost.

but i’m ready. not sure exactly what for yet. i toy with the idea that i still want to do a full iron man. but i hate that i have yet to check the 100 off my bucket list. then there’s still that pesky sub-4 marathon. do i dare leave the comfort and security of the woods and hit the road again in quest of speed?

but i’ve waffled over the debate for too long. so a few days ago i made a commitment. a small one. just a sprint tri in october. but a commitment nonetheless. yesterday i got back on the bike for the first ride in more than a year. and this week comes the water. i’m also on the waiting list for AO. a 100 mile race in december. that one is a “we’ll see” at best. it’s a free race and i can say no at any time so no skin off my back to stay wait listed as long as i need to decide.

hopefully i can commit to things. the races and the words. i miss both.

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tis the season

it’s summer in florida. no, not technically yet, but i’ll be damned it sure feels like it. the heat. the humidity. it’s energy sapping.

i am not a warm weather warrior. put me on running trails in 30 degree weather and i’m in heaven. anything over 80 … hell. but taking the summer down isn’t an option nor is running inside in air conditioning. the only thing that would likely kill me quicker than the heat is being confined to four walls and a treadmill. so i’m putting summer plans in place; lower run mileage, higher bike mileage and as much time in the pool as i can find time for. unfortunately i do not mean floating on a raft with margarita in hand 😉

so yes, it’s tri season! given i’ve only done three tris in my life ~ two sprints and a half ironman ~ i’m not sure i can say i actually have a season for them, but i’m working on it! in fact i have my first race of “the season” on june 8. and no, i haven’t been in the water since september and my one bike ride of 18 miles likely doesn’t constitute training. but i’ve got four weeks right?

the only other race i’ve registered for is another sprint in september. there was a discount offer if i registered for these two at the same time. but i’m aiming to add at least two more. not sure if i’lll venture out of the sprint distance. i may have the 70.3 under my race belt but that was a river swim and i’m not sure i am physically ~ or more accurately mentally ~ ready for a longer ocean swim. and before anyone suggests it … i WILL NOT swim in a florida lake. sharks i’ll take my chances with. alligators not!

let the tri days of summer begin!


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wood i

after two weeks down, i finally ran again last saturday. just six miles. in the time i’d normally cover nine. but we took it slow ~ my wingman and i ~ and made it fun. something i’d been missing since the official training began. new to us park. wet trails. an archery range we skirted through hoping no one showed up to shoot or if they did, that they couldn’t hit the fast moving targets we liked to think we were. at one point i even insisted we stop for me to swing on a vine. why not. the woods are fun.


screw tarzan. me jane!

i can’t say i came off that run feeling physically whole but i was reminded why i run. what i love about the freedom of the open trails. why i hate the constraints of concrete sidewalk prison walls.

i took another two days down after. focused on stretching. putting the SI joint back where it belongs. shifting the body in hopes of completing the puzzle. and something got better. tuesday i ran four. wednesday five including one with a mini-me guest appearance. and this weekend i’m revisiting the sight of the fools for as many as the body will allow. maybe healing the body is as simple as healing the heart.

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mcm training week one

last week was the official start to my MCM training. given a few weeks ago i wasn’t sure i was even going to be able to start training i’d say i’m pretty happy with what i did.

monday goal: 4 @ 9:15
monday actual: 4 @ 8:42

tuesday goal: 4 @ 3 x 800s @ 3:45 (1/2 mile warm up, 1/2 mile cool downs between repeats, 1/2 mile final cool down)
tuesday actual: 4 @ 3 x 800s @ 3:43, 3:34, 3:37 (cool downs as planned)

wednesday goal: 6 @ 9:30
wednesday actual: 5 @ 9:11

thursday goal: 4 @ 9:30 hill repeats
thursday actual: fail

friday goal: rest
friday actual: rest

saturday goal: 12 @ 9:30
saturday actual: 12 @ 9:45 on serious hills

sunday goal: rest
sunday actual: rest

total goal: 30
total actual: 25

i wish i had dragged my ass out of bed thursday but waking up at 4:30 a.m. every week day started to take a toll. and given my less than stellar sleep habits i simply was too tired to run. i’m not too concerned. i’ve trained for all my past marathons on four days a week but with the goals i have on this one i think day five will make a difference. but ~ a little preview into week two ~ i failed to get out of bed this morning (thursday) as well. so going forward i may need to tweak the plan a bit or maybe make one weekday an evening versus morning run. or maybe i just suck it up for the next 14 weeks and do what i need to do! all to be seen and determined.

15 weeks until MCM






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building blocks

little by little i’ve dared the road ~ and the trails. four miles here. four miles there. a saturday eight, then nine, then 10. and when all of june was said and done, i’d somehow found myself with 68 miles behind me.

so sunday i finally did it. wrote the plan for MCM i’ve hesitated to put to pen. i knew i’d get there but wasn’t sure the goals were realistic. but now i know they are. official training starts monday. sixteen weeks of eat, breath and sleep the run to get what i want.

the acceptable ~ a PR (sub 4:15)
the expected ~ sub-4
the kick-ass dream ~ 3:45 … a BQ

i’m doing this one right. time to train. eased in and base re-built. body, mind and soul committed. i’m ready to see what i can really do.

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biggest loser

typically when injured i drop weight. lack of training = lack of appetite. but somehow this time around was different. maybe i was more depressed. maybe double dating led to too much good food and good wine. or maybe i simply didn’t care. but pound by pound i watched as the number climbed. not a lot. yet still too much. ever since i dropped the weight 11 years ago i have a panic point. the number on the scale that scares me back to the reality reminder that at one point i was fat. and over the weekend i went there.

yesterday while running with JP he mentioned that my injury left him without the morning motivation and he’d taken a little too much leeway to eat too much and run too little. so given my competitive nature i saw the opportunity and went there with the biggest loser style weight loss challenge. and he jumped at the dare. so for the next six weeks (or until goal weight is attained) the game is on and the smack talk has already begun.

this morning JP pulled up for our run, got out of his car and greeted me with a chipper “good morning tub of lard”. and i, equally as kind, responded with a “hi fat ass”. true to our discussion, he pulled his scale out of his trunk and right there on the running path we weighed in and clarified goals.

in the grand scheme of things, neither of us have lots to lose. and no doubt come training start the pounds would vanish anyway but we all know i don’t like to lose so what better way to jump start the process.



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