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after a mere nine days on the market, i accepted an offer on my house yesterday morning. for exactly what we expected.  incredible … yes! scary … hell yes! mostly because we now find ourselves in quite the predicament. the guy who bought mine wants to move quickly. as in end-of-the-month-close quickly. realistically, the realtor, who is unofficially helping me on the sell side, has filled us in on new laws that make a close that quick unlikely. but regardless, they want to push through as fast as possible.

so, we went to make an offer on the house we’ve had our eye on for the last couple of weeks. and lo and behold it already had an offer on it. but they hadn’t accepted yet and agreed to keep the table open for ours … and the third person who suddenly expressed interest as well. so now we find ourselves in a bidding war with a final decision supposed to made tomorrow evening.

best case, we win. but even then the chance of us closing as quickly as my buyer is slim to none. worst case, we lose. either way, we’ll be homeless. be it for a couple weeks or a couple months. we’ll make it work. stuff will go in storage. mini-me can stay with her dad. and i’ll commute up from the training house down south. an hour drive each way which won’t be fun but a temporary nuisance for a longterm solution!

I’m excited. i’m nervous. i’m totally freaking out. but i also trust it will all work out the way it’s supposed to. but cross your fingers for me just in case it helps!


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wanna’ buy a house?

we’re moving … again!

it’s only been about four months since we moved back into the house i own in the ‘burbs. mini-me and i lived there for about six years before i rented it out and moved to get her into a better school district for middle and high school. but after she opted to go to a not-so-restricted-by-district high school our options opened up and we moved back to have more room for the addition of the trainer and his dogs. but we’ve very quickly come to hate it. cookie cutter subdivision living and suburbia mentality. bitchy neighbors and HOA bullshit. it’s not us. at all. and we want out.

last week for shits and giggles we decided to explore and just see if we could find something we liked, in the hood we want, in our price range. and go figure the first house we saw, we loved. but of course making an offer is contingent on getting an offer on mine since i need the equity in it for the down payment on something new.

we are going to start by listing for sale by owner to try and save on commission so that means cleaning, organizing, staging and photo shooting on my own. add that on top of a high-demand job that currently includes after-hours work in an online harvard certification course, 100 mile race training, teenage parenting and four dogs! and due to some staff changes in the trainer’s company he’s been mostly living and working hands-on back at the facility an hour south so it’s all on me! um yeah. if i’m not insane already i’m sure bound to be there soon!

then this morning they dropped the price on the house we want. i knew they would at some point. their realtor told ours they knew it was priced high which we hoped would buy us some time but looks like time is running out! hopefully we’ll be listed by tomorrow and with any luck we’ll get an offer quickly. current average time on market in my hood is 20 days so we’ve got a chance at making this work. cross your fingers for us!

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i have no idea why i’ve never really written about this but there is a facet of my life that sometimes adds a little crazy. for the past nine years mini-me and i have had a dog. a sweet, uncharacteristically calm border collie named kiva. we often thought about getting her a friend but really one dog seemed enough given our schedules.


My girl Kiva

but a couple years back we helped rescue a pit bull that some asshole tied up and abandoned outside the ice rink where mini skates. we couldn’t bring him home given the uncertainty of his behavior but we started visiting him at the county shelter where he was taken until we found a rescue group to pull him. we named him vinny, after vinny lecavalier of the tampa bay lightning (hockey. ice rink. get it?) and a month or so later he was adopted and off on a new life!



after that we kept visiting the shelter. it was after all right across from the ice rink. and though it was heart breaking to see hundreds of dogs in tiny kennels, many of who we knew wouldn’t ever get out alive, we figured that even the little bit of love we could bring them was more than many had ever seen. i still wasn’t sure about another full-time dog, but i started considering fostering and a few months later i was suckered by a huge pair of pleading eyes that begged to be saved.

Baylor <3


baylor, as we named him, was an emaciated boxer mix who was so scared he had to be carried out of his kennel the day we took him home. he was with us for about three months before a couple in town visiting saw us at an adoption event and today he’s an absolutely gorgeous specimen of a dog living the life in new jersey with his daddy.

next came dana. a sweet blue pit who was brought into the shelter without the litter of puppies she had obviously recently had. a shelter volunteer said she cried for them every night and she was unlikely to get adopted due to patches of demodex mange. she was still with us when i started dating the trainer who came with two dogs of his own and though i was close to foster failing, i knew that IF (and at that



point it was a big if) i ever wanted to foster again, i had to find her a home of her own so we would have room. it wasn’t long before the trainer was basically living with us and three permanent dogs in a small house was enough! the trainer posted her on his company Facebook page ~ it helps when your boyfriend owns a dog training company! ~ and a couple weeks later she found a new mommy, daddy and two little boys who adore her!

Hendrix and Ellie ~ the trainer's dogs

Hendrix and Ellie ~ the trainer’s dogs

suddenly i got the label of dog rescuer among my friends and a couple months later i got a text from a running buddy about a stray living in the parking lot of her office. the security guard who worked there was interested in keeping her but he was going out of town for a few weeks and she wouldn’t come close enough for him to catch her anyway. enter me and a bag full of wendy’s cheeseburgers. and that afternoon luna came home with us. a planned temporary stay until her new family was back in town.



This rescue brought to you by McDonald's cheeseburgers

This rescue brought to you by Wendy’s cheeseburgers

not long after luna left us, i got a text from a total stranger! a business acquaintance of luna’s daddy. she needed help with a seemingly aggressive pit behind her office building. again, armed with cheeseburgers i found myself in a situation that i feared would not have a fairy tale ending. but my apparent dog whispering charms calmed the fearful beast and that afternoon cali joined our pack. she ended up getting adopted by the newest employee at the trainer’s company. and suddenly we were back to three. phew. relax.



but i was addicted to watching a shelter facebook page. and one day i found myself keeping tabs on a pretty little tripod named dixie. i even went to visit her and was charmed in spite of her very distant demeanor. i didn’t take her home that day. i figured the allure of a good story would entice someone to adopt a three-legged dog, but everything changed when an assessor decided to label her “rescue only” (meaning she had to be pulled by a rescue and not adopted by an individual) citing no aggression but simply “areas of concern” as the reason.



and then two days later she was #1 on the euthanasia list. PISSED. ME. OFF! i knew in my heart that dog was not aggressive. and a couple messages to a rescue i had some ties with allowed me to pull her with them as my backer. i literally had to stop mid trail run and call from the woods to ensure they didn’t put her down. and hours later she was on the way home with me.

as expected dixie was not aggressive at all. she loved our pack. she didn’t really give a crap about us humans though so we actively sought to find her a new home that had at least one other dog and it seemed we had found perfection when a young couple with another tripod took her home.

three days later, and with the 100 percent desire to give ourselves a little break, i was driving out of our subdivision when a puppy jumped out in front of my jeep. i was able to stop before hitting her and when i got out to check on her, she ran right to me. i looked around desperately for the owner who i was sure had to be running after her but hours later after knocking on multiple doors and putting up signs on every tree possible, charlie came into our lives. that one earned me the nickname the human dog bone from the trainer’s dad. so much for our break! we now had an eight month old puppy, that was not housebroken and had vicious diarrhea and a case of food aggression. it had been years since i’d had a puppy and the energy level, though adorable in so many ways, was exhausting!



just as we were adjusting i got a call from dixie’s adopter. their other dog had attacked, unprovoked, and dixie was at the emergency clinic. thirteen stitches across her butt later, she was back with us as they knew they couldn’t risk her being hurt again.

so there we were. with five dogs. and when the trainer went out of town last week for a conference i seriously thought i was going to lose my mind. but this past saturday charlie got adopted by an amazing couple. and dixie … she’s suddenly become an absolute people lover who won’t let me walk past her without begging me to rub her belly or let her kiss me all over. we’re not certain what our plan is for her. we always come back to our previous decision that keeping a fourth means we limit our ability to ever foster or rescue again but damn that little tripod is growing on me! not to mention she kinda balances out my ocd 😉 …

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because i’m happy

i’m going to try and keep up the happy posts. the all things good that were my week. my goal is to write these on sunday evenings but somehow yesterday got away from me. better late than never though right?

mother’s day this year was nothing extraordinary. i didn’t get breakfast in bed (maybe because mini-me can’t cook at all! lol) nor did i get wined and dined at my favorite restaurant. i cooked. i cleaned. it was by most accounts a typical sunday with the exception of the spring skating show mini-me’s rink ridiculously scheduled on mother’s day! but truth be told i really didn’t need anything more. a quiet morning with us both laying in my bed reading. watching her skate her flashdance program with new freestyle four technicals added. chipotle takeout over a couple episodes of lost (our addiction). even the average day with her makes me a damn lucky mom and i truly took the time yesterday to remind myself how much i love being a mom!

sometimes the things that make me happy aren’t even about me. this week red got the job offer she’s been holding her breath over. and the NYC girl and her sister made up over tears and crab legs. hearing their happiness was contagious!

saturday i had some very unexpected communication from the hunter. much to my surprise, he lay feelings on the line. told me he wonders if he made a mistake. that he misses me. and thinks about me often. in the past hearing from him would have been met with one of two emotions from me ~ anger or sadness. but this time i basically forgave and wished him luck. and when he asked me if i would meet for drinks to talk, i didn’t hesitate to say no and to tell him i recently started seeing someone. and it felt good. not in an “i win. in your face.” kind of way. but simply in realizing how far i’ve come.

and speaking of that “someone” it was another week of getting to know and continuing to like. it was meeting the dragon and re-meeting his best friends. i’m still not ready to share details. i feel like i jinx things when i do. but it’s good.

and i’m happy.


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50 memories of me

what are your 50 best memories? why not try to write them down and think about each of them for a little while …

when i read the post on a friend’s facebook status i was instantly drawn to it. life. memories. 50. such a cool concept. i reached for my computer. poured a glass of wine. poised and ready to tackle the challenge. but then i stopped.

… and thought a little more

… and realized that just the fact that i saw it as a challenge was sad. i’m 41 years old. 502 months. approximately 15,265 days. should it really be hard for me to come up with 50 amazing life moments. because if it is. if i have to stop and think about this then i’m doing something very, very wrong …

so here goes. 50 memories of me. in no particular order other than random perfection …

1. april 23, 2000 ~ the easter sunday my daughter was born and made my life complete
2. that day in provincetown with boston
3. crossing the finish line of the croom fools 50 miler
4. finishing the augusta half ironman sub 6 hours!
5. monhegan island ~ and with the island comes these:
   6. meeting the island girl
   7. hiking the cliffs
   8. jumping off the rock on swim beach
   9. fishing off the dock
   10. fairy houses
   11. rough seas on the balmy days
   12. dead man’s cove
   13. jack ~ pain in the ass that he was …
   14. the island girl’s wedding
   15. seeing mini-me experience the island for the first time (it’s time to go back no doubt!)
16. learning my mom was cancer free
17. my wedding day (at least at the time)
18. the day my divorce was final ~ sad but true
19. the phone message that the actor had broken up with his girlfriend and had called LH for my number
20. the night in worchester with boston
21. ms. mccormick (my kindergarten teacher)
22. recesses with the brunette and the redhead
23. being named queen of the kissing girls on the playground in elementary school
24. watching mini-me see kiva (our dog) for the first time christmas morning
25. boston commons with boston
26. shooting targets with my great granmother
27. honaleigh ~ the rock by our pond on martha’s vineyard
28. picking raspberries in jean carlo minotti’s garden in scotland
29. nights in the arcade at lake quantababcock jamming out to joan jett’s i love rock n’ roll on the juke box
30. midnight new year’s 2011 with the hunter
31. teaching mini-me to ride a bike
32. bike week with the bunny
33. letters from jesse
34. getting bouncer, my first dog, for my (8th?) birthday. we had other dogs but this was the first one who was MINE.
35. crabbing in annapolis
36. hearing boston tell me he loved me for the very first time
37. getting my chevy cavalier convertible ~ white with navy interior exactly as i wanted ~ at my 16th birthday party
38. the circle fort at the bottom of my childhood street
39. performing with the jazz band at my junior year gala
40. tennis camp at the boca raton country club
41. guy and the rose
42. singing at glen echo
43. birthday pinatas ~ hand made by my mom ~ in the back yard
44. mrytle the turtle and all the trips that surround my visits to see her
45. sitting with my granddaddy at the kitchen table eating peel n’ eat shrimp. one of the last clear memories i have of him.
46. lying in the field behind jenny lake lodge in jackson hole wyoming mesmerized by the amount of stars in the night sky
47. mini-me’s first steps
48. bonfires on lucy vincent beach
49. finding out i was pregnant with mini-me
50. mexico with my aunt and uncle taco :)

really finding 50 wasn’t as tough a task as i thought it might be. and i’m sure if i just busted out a few old photo albums i could easily list a hundred more. but here’s what i find hard with this. take number 37. my birthday car. a few months later, when my father and step mother started vicious divorce proceedings she had it labeled marital property and had it taken to the vineyard for use at the summer house. i never saw it again. or worse. number 50. any memories of the wonderful times i had with my aunt candy and uncle gerry (who i didn’t even know existed until i was around 15) are scarred by the fact that in my early 20s he brutally murdered her then killed himself. not everything on this list is followed by sadness but why is it sometimes easier to reflect back on the hard times than it is to simply relish in the memories of those moments of bliss.

at the beginning of this year i remember reading a challenge that someone posed to write down one memory, the best part of the day, each and every night before going to bed. and then the other day kitkat wrote this post after something i said to her! i think weekly is more realistic for me to do then nightly so i’m going to try it. maybe simply reflecting on the good will help remind me that the wonders in my life have far outweighed the sometimes painful challenges.

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i never really told the whole story about vinny, the male pitbull some asshole abandoned outside the ice rink where mini-me skates. tied up to the light pole  at 4 p.m. in the afternoon in 90 degree weather with no food or water! it’s a long story but i’ll make it short. it took forever but we eventually trusted each other. i sat with him for hours trying to find a rescue group that could come get him but to no avail. he and i bonded but i couldn’t take him home not knowing how he’d do with my dog, my cat and my kid. so he went to the only place that would take him off the streets ~ animal services, the county kill shelter ~ and i vowed to get him out. within days i found a rescue group to pull him. but he became a political pawn in the issues and mismanagement of the shelter and was deemed unadoptable and schedule for euthanization by the director. i started an online petition, caused a stink and eventually got him released to the rescue from which he was eventually adopted.

happily ever after.

since then, mini-me and i have taken to visiting animal services. it’s heart wrenching but we hope that the little bit of light we can bring to the hundreds and hundreds of dogs let them know if only for a short while that not all humans suck. i’m pretty good at being the hard ass. always have been. as much as i want to save them all i know the problem is much bigger than me. but a month or so ago one little guy caught my eye. he was emaciated and cowered in the corner of his kennel. it took about 10 minutes of coaxing to get him to timidly come to the bars but even then he wouldn’t so much as sniff my hand. he was, no doubt, the kind of dog that any potential adopter would write off and given his scheduled next day euthanization date, apparently so had animal services. but as mini-me walked around behind me, he wouldn’t take his eyes off her. huge brown eyes begging for someone to love him and give him a chance!

it was the eyes that stole my heart!

it was the eyes that stole my heart!

sad, scared and not an ounce of confidence

sad, scared and not an ounce of confidence

for so many reasons, i knew we couldn’t adopt another dog. but suddenly i wanted to foster. why this guy i’m not sure. there were so many others. cuter. friendlier. but next thing i knew i was putting in the foster application and a few days later we busted him out of animal services and took him home. mini-me wanted to call him bailey. i was stuck on kyler. so we compromised and named him baylor.

i'm outta' here!

i’m outta’ here!

kiva ~ our border collie ~ was a bit hesitant but welcomed him into her world. the cat on the other hand wasn’t so sure. but it didn’t take long for baylor to settle in. and little by little we’ve watched this pathetic animal transition into a new dog. a fear of eating became a food-crazed piglet. a permanently tucked tail turned to kisses and cuddles. a disinterest in everything was replaced with a love of tennis balls and rope tug-of-war with kiva. he’s learned to walk ~ and run with me ~ nicely on the leash. we’ve housebroken him and taught him a handful of commands. he’s smart. klutzy. strong. playful. and all together an amazing dog. it almost breaks my heart that i know some day soon i’m going to have to let him go to his forever home that we have yet to find ~ or really even try to find. but i know it’s what best. for him. for us. too little room and a few future uncertainties that make me know we can’t adopt. it won’t be easy but i have to remind myself that i turned that scared, near death little critter into this amazing dog.



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christmas list

dear santa. all i want for chistmas is my run back. i know i’m not good at listening to the doctor and staying off my foot. and i know i might have pushed too hard by clipping in and riding 25 miles ~ twice ~ after he said i could do some “light riding”. and maybe i shouldn’t have worn those heeled boots for thanksgiving but i was really tired of looking anything but sexy in this dang air-cast thing! in my defense the follow up xrays looked decent and i had no pain while riding. of course i also didn’t feel any pain in the middle of augusta when this happened. damn endorphins tricking me into thinking i’m ok.

i’ve been a good girl, santa. well for the most part. but maybe you can overlook a few things …  you know what those are ;). i promise to be good going forward. i’ll treat my body gently and with respect. well that is after the 50 mile ultra i registered for in april. and the half iron i have to do somewhere before july to meet the dare requirements of the “half iron + 50 mile run suckas” challenge i found myself agreeing to be a part of. oh ok, let’s just agree that self-inflicted pain isn’t going to stop but really santa, should that banish me to the naughty list?

i don’t need to run a marathon tomorrow. just a mile or two to start. four the week after. ten the following? really, santa, is that too much to ask for? i don”t need anything more. though a 6-foot tall, dark haired, blue eyed, professional, jeep driving, hot single dad runner would be nice stocking stuffer. i’m not greedy … or picky 😉

thanks santa. merry christmas.

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