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trying to come back from a mental “blah” is harder than from a physical injury! i’m seriously trying to find a rhythm but it ain’t easy. two weeks ago i managed to get in only two runs. of only four miles each. and one ride of 18. but i also had a last minute visit from the bunny which of course meant patron. lots of it. and the once or twice a year i get to see her makes the over drinking, over eating and under exercising worth it.

this past week was a little bit better. only two runs again but this time four and eight, a 20 mile ride and a first dip back in the pool. i have to admit i kind of missed the water. especially in the hell heat of summer we’ve been enduring. i had hoped to manage somewhere around 800 meters comfortably. but ended up making it a full 1600! barely. at 1,550 i heard the lifeguard whistle and knew the storm i was racing was about to beat me but she let me finish my down lap to complete the mile.

the goals this coming week. (yes goals. i think setting measurable markers again will help) are:

swim: two times 1600m each
bike: two times with a 25 mile long
run: three times with a 10 mile long

with at least one bike to run brick. the only problem i foresee facing is this …

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 6.50.55 AM

we are, literally supposed to have solid rain for the next three days. i guess it’s the treadmill and bike trainer for me. blah.



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it’s time to come back. to here and to the run. and since the two have always gone hand-in-hand, it’s my last ditch effort on accountability before i admit defeat. i have forgotten that i am an athlete. sure, i run. sometimes. a few miles here. 15 miles there. it’s inconsistent at best and i’m no longer ok with it.

back in january. good god it’s been that long since i’ve written. i ran the croom zoom 100 miler. correction, i attempted to run the croom zoom 100. i try not to call that day a failure. i made it further than the body had ever allowed. 62 miles. but i didn’t make it the 100 i had set out for and in my mind, the means i failed.

my knee was shot. i mean SHOT. and after a few weeks down i did the obligatory X-ray that found arthritis. bone on bone. minor but enough that i had to consider options. after months of insurance company battles that option ended up being a series of injections of a joint lubricant. since then i’ve struggled. physically i’ve been ok. not 100 percent but good enough. but mentally i’ve yet to regain what i lost.

but i’m ready. not sure exactly what for yet. i toy with the idea that i still want to do a full iron man. but i hate that i have yet to check the 100 off my bucket list. then there’s still that pesky sub-4 marathon. do i dare leave the comfort and security of the woods and hit the road again in quest of speed?

but i’ve waffled over the debate for too long. so a few days ago i made a commitment. a small one. just a sprint tri in october. but a commitment nonetheless. yesterday i got back on the bike for the first ride in more than a year. and this week comes the water. i’m also on the waiting list for AO. a 100 mile race in december. that one is a “we’ll see” at best. it’s a free race and i can say no at any time so no skin off my back to stay wait listed as long as i need to decide.

hopefully i can commit to things. the races and the words. i miss both.

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crossing paths

i absolutely love that mini-me is running cross country again this year. she’ll never be fast and she’ll never love it but she’s found a comfort and enjoys the team. but i do not understand the logistics behind her meets. last weekend they ran in north port, an hour south, and this weekend new port richey, an hour northwest. i know we are somewhat limited on immediate vicinity trails but there are options. i let her dad take her last weekend. i had to get in a good long run. which i did. but tomorrow i have to go. which is fine. i want to go. but the question is how to get in my miles around hers. i’ve done it already. two weeks ago. explored new trails while waiting for her event but i only managed to get in 10 miles of a mile here and a mile there and as my training runs increase i’m not sure how to make it work.

tomorrow’s scheduled training run isn’t long. only 14 miles. so my hope is to get in at least seven before mini runs then piece together the rest between the others and the awards ceremony. i have never run this park and i have no idea what the trails are like but i’m looking forward to the exploration.

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the long way home

there’s only one way back here. i know that. i don’t write the happy. i’m too busy being happy. i don’t write the ordinary. there’s nothing exciting about that. but i write the run and maybe if i recommit to the miles, i can recommit to the words. or vice versa. i don’t care which. i just want both.

i had been contemplating another attempt at 100. not really seriously but that little nagging voice in the back of my brain starting asking “when” and i couldn’t shut the bitch up! so i started looking at races but seemed i had a reason an excuse for every possibility. too hilly. too far away. too soon. i knew it was all fear based. apprehension and self doubt that kept me from simply saying “why the hell not?”

then it happened. A2 made the announcement that, for the first time ever, croom zoom was approved to add a 100 mile option. and just like that i ran out of excuses. local. some of my favorite trails. early january. best race director. and multiple friends willing and able to pace and crew.

the race is jan. 2, 2016. that gives me a little more than 16 weeks to train. maybe not ideal for a 100 but given my long runs of late have been in the 20 mile range i’m not far behind what a training schedule should be.

but the obstacles are there. mini-me’s cross country meets are typical on saturday mornings diminishing my prime running hours. and a back and forth between here and there with the trainer takes me from the comfort of my home trails and puts me where i’m not familiar. but i have to do this. for the love of the run and the love of the written word.

i’m coming back … by way of a hundred mile journey.

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100: take 12

i suppose it’s time for a training update. i’m not really sure how i went from a last post at week five to being at week 12 … or is it 13? i’m still not sure i have things straight after revising the revised plan to reflect the revised race registration. so as to not to confuse anyone … me in particular! … maybe counting down is a better way to do this.

no matter how i try to change the count, iron horse is in 12 weeks. and looking at it that way scares the shit out of me. given how quickly the last couple months have flown by, i know this race will be here before i know it. training has been ok. october started off great! solid miles including two weekends of strong back-to-backs. but mid month things went to hell when i fell victim to the flu mini-me brought home from school one day. a full week out of the office trying to take care of me while caring more about a kid with 103 degree fever. by the time i was back up and running i was mentally out of sorts, behind at work, lost on numbers and the chaos took weeks to recover from. likely still isn’t. so i’m nervous no doubt. and can’t seem to wrap my brain and life back around what needs to be done. if i can’t get it together soon, i’m in trouble. that i know.

the hundred aside, i also have a marathon in two weeks. realistically my mindset for it has to be that it is just a training run but it would have been great had i been trained enough to take it sub-4. but i can’t complain especially given this marathon training run is in florence … yes italy 🙂

outside the run there is so much going on. i can’t even talk about work. for multiple reasons. it’s all good but i’ve had an excessive amount on my plate. add in issues with one of my rentals, a kid who is sick yet again, trying to get ready for our trip, and so much more. i’m exhausted. but as they say …

life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well-preserevd body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, wine in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming “whohoo what a ride”

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hi. remember me? the last few weeks have been so insane that i haven’t had a moment to even think about writing. but with the end of october i realized i reached a personal goal that has eluded me year after year and i have to share.

in spite of miles and marathons. ultras and trails. i’ve never had 1,000 mile year. ever. i vowed to do it in 2014. to stay injury free enough to finally hit that milestone. and at only 10 months in … i did!

january 102
february 105
march 108
april 30 (ankle injury but still don’t think this is accurate. but for some reason i can’t find those numbers and i won’t count what i can’t see.)
may 131
june 104
july 90 (not convinced this is total either)
august 154
september 104
october 116 (includes almost an entire week down with the flu!)

which makes my ten month total 1,014!

i’ll write more soon. attempt to catch you up on life, love and the pursuit of happiness but for now i simply want to pat myself on the back.

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100 training: take 5

with the confirmed change in race and crappy few weeks of running, i’ve revised my training schedule for the do-over weeks and determined where i am. last week was the new week five. plan called for 43 miles with my saturday/sunday back-to-back at 18/7 but i took it a few extra steps miles and did 51 with a 20/12 weekend.

saturday’s run wasn’t great. it was just me and tavi at the bb trails. and when i say just me and tavi i don’t mean that we had no other runners with us but that we saw no other runners period. might have had a little something to do with the weather. rain the first ten miles. life sucking humidity the second. by mile 18 i was having a tough time physically and even worse mentally. trying to wrap my brain around adding another 80 miles ~ EIGHTY. FUCKING. MILES. ~ onto the 20 i was struggling through really knocked my confidence down a notch or two.

tavi, who has a couple 100s under her race belt, tried to caution me to not over think it. that it will never conceivably seem doable and it will never be easy. but one step at a time can, and will, get me to that finish line. god, i hope she’s right. we all know i’m a thinker. an over analyzer who leaves personal destruction in a path of self-inflicted rationality. really though, rationality should reaffirm the fact that 100 miles is possible. i see it done all the time. by people i know personally. some i know i’m a stronger runner than. but fact is 100 miles isn’t run on physical strength alone. it’s mental durability. the ability to push aside self doubt and demons while enduring literal and figurative darkness. and that’s where i question.

sunday i set out into the woods alone. an over night cool front teasing with a taste of fall that was calling my name. i hurt. tired, sore legs and an ankle that questioned. but a few miles in i found that place. the one a runner can’t ever really explain. the one that gets blanket-labeled as the “runner’s high” but is far more personal. i rarely run trails solo. a fear of the possible what-ifs. so the safe easy stop point should have been enough. the flooded trails could have turned me back. the chance encounter of not one, but two sets of runner friends offered company unexpected. but i needed to go it solo. to regain a little of what i felt i’d lost the day before. and no doubt i did.

i know the next 19 weeks will be a struggle and test of so much more than i’ve ever asked of myself. there will be many, many days when i want to quit and where i question everything about this journey. but sometimes something as little as 12 strong solo introspective miles can counter with a vengeance!

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