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I decided it was time to start fresh. There’s a lot of history here that I need to move on from. I’m hoping that by leaving it behind I can actually move forward with running and writing again. So if you care to follow my journey you can now find me here …

Running Trail Tails


January 3, 2018 at 11:40 am 1 comment

i’m ready to wake up

so my first race since the 100 attempt is next weekend. just a sprint tri. it hasn’t been the most stellar of training cycles but i’ve been getting it done. i’ve done a few bricks. including a long of 30 on the bike followed by four on the run. definite overkill for a sprint but short distance has never appealed to me. i also did a long ride of 40. during which i got stung by a bee … on my crotch! seriously. damn. painful!

last weekend a small group of us drove up to torreya. we’ve done the trip a few times but usually a tad bit later in the year for cooler temps. it wasn’t the most comfortable of camping experiences given the heat but it was fun nonetheless. the elevation up there is brutal! so different than the florida flat we know. longest run i did was 10 which given the heat and the hills i wasn’t too disappointed with.

i’m also trying to mix it up a bit. last night i did orangetheory for the first time. it was different but kind of cool. i’m not a fan of being stuck inside for a workout but it really wasn’t bad. not sure yet if i’ll sign up but i know i need some sort of strength training as a constant and maybe that’s a good start.

overall i’m excited about next weekend. i need that energy again. the camaraderie and competition of race day. i’m hoping it awakens something in me that’s been laying dormant for far too long.

September 29, 2016 at 1:20 pm 1 comment

when opportunity knocks

i very rarely write about work. maybe due to fear of coworkers ever finding my blog. or maybe because i just don’t think it’s professional. but i need to share!

late wednesday afternoon the director and my boss asked if they could talk to me privately. though i couldn’t for the life of me imagine anything i had done wrong, those split seconds before we sat down had all sorts of paranoias flashing through my mind. do i spend too much time on social media … though it is actually part of my job. had one of my programs complained about my sometimes hard-ass approach … except the director has hinted that it’s exactly why she put me as lead on those particular challenges. am i not doing a good job … in spite of the data that clearly shows i am. what did i do?!

but immediately my fears were quelled. the director, who i can not say enough good things about, started by saying i am by far one of the most talented, dedicated, intelligent employees she has ever had on any of her teams. she went on and on and, not kidding, i almost teared up with the unexpected, and obviously leading to something, glowing review she was giving me. she followed with how impressed and happy they are with my work and that my position is something i no doubt was the perfect hire for.

but the big guy on campus is putting more and more on our plates. another massive program being tasked to us in the near future. i perked up with interest in the possibility that they were about to offer me the lead. but before i could even consider what it would mean to my current workload the direction changed to the very obvious fact that given the excess already asked of us it would need to lead to additional hires. three new people likely. exactly what undefined with the exception of one position. she had made mention of the maybe a couple months back and i commented with interest. a heavily writing based role that seemed right up my alley even more so than the one i’m in now. as she talked about it i waited with bated breath for her to ask if i would be interested in applying for it when it was officially posted. but what she said caught me off guard. “the position is yours if you want it. we won’t list it. we won’t interview for it. or you can choose to stay in your current role and take lead on the new. we have no doubt you will excel in either.”

i was stunned. i’ve been here less than six months and never expected new opportunity already. “you don’t need to decide now.” she went on to say. “everything should be approved next week with a job description and detail so wait until you see it then take the time you need to weigh the options.”

but to me there is no debate. no care that it’s (unfortunately) a lateral salary move. the position is a potential dream come true. not just for the immediate but for the future. i’ll wait for the description. i’ll wait for the official. but baring any unforeseen circumstances, i fully expect to be in a new role in the next few weeks!

October 9, 2014 at 11:28 am 2 comments

long hauling ass

this weekend i found myself with a last minute unexpected free saturday night so i made the impromptu decision to head up to the long haul 100. i didn’t know many running the race but a few friends were pacing and i knew there was always the chance another runner might be looking for some company. and even if not, i needed miles and what better place to get them. i threw the futon and sleeping bag in the back of the Rav4, grabbed a six pack and my running gear and headed out the door.

a few emails back and forth had me almost set to pace a runner but by the time i got there she was out for her next loop and at almost 20 miles each, i knew i wouldn’t be needed for hours if at all. but i had forgotten that there was a shorter race as well ~ a 100 furlong (random i know) or 12.5 miles and the governor was running it. though she had a pacer joining her, i hopped in with them to make sure i got in a semi-decent run.

we started off strong leading the (very small) pack and not long in we were joined by a guy who turned out to be tavi’s boss. the four of us hung together. trails in the dark. a gorgeous star lit sky. and temps hovering in the mid-30s. heaven. at times we passed 100 milers 12 hours into their journey and we did our best to encourage and praise. we chatted as we ran knowing we had a decent lead on the rest of the field but still wanting to run strong. around mile eight the boss started to pull ahead and i found myself at his side. the governor had her pacer and though i certainly wasn’t pacing this dude, i decided to see if i could hang with him. little by little his pace kept increasing and given what he had said about his running ability i both worried and silently prayed he wouldn’t be able to maintain. i was struggling ~ big time ~ trying to stick with him and many a time almost stopped to wait for the governor (the break to catch my breath the real reason!) but regardless of the fact that i wasn’t even running the race, i really wanted to kill it.

we came out of the woods for the final mile down a paved path and as i feared, the boss only increased his pace more. i have no idea what we were running ~ i hadn’t worn my garmin ~ but at one point i felt like i was about to puke. yet somehow i hung on. as we came into the final stretch i went to slow down to let him run it in across the finish while i went wide to the side but he wouldn’t let me “heck no! you hammered it out this long, you are crossing it with me!”

the boss’s garmin measured the course at 13.3 and our finish time was 1:58. on trials. in the dark! my half PR is 1:55 … on road. in daylight! i’m thinking i may need another half in the near future to see what i can REALLY do!

afterwards i grabbed my sleeping bag and headed to the main staging area. beers around the fire pit watching the 100 milers run in and out of the darkness. but around 1 a.m. i couldn’t hang any longer. temps had dropped below 30 degrees and the logistics and setup of the race meant i either had to go all the way back to the parking lot to sleep in my car away from all the action, or sleep in a camping chair by the fire. given i could barely feel my toes, neither option seemed worth it so i packed up and headed home.

not sure when i went from unexpected free saturday nights being about bars and hangovers to 13 miles and camp fires but what an awesome night!

January 20, 2014 at 9:09 am 2 comments

spring in the step

this past weekend was a hodge podge of activity that i’m claiming as my last long training run even if it was a little broken up. saturday morning i did my first brick workout in more than a year. eleven on the bike followed by four on the run. my legs felt a bit like jello for the first half mile or so but once i settled into it the run was strong. i forgot my garmin at home so i have no idea on pace but i think i would have been happy. after finishing up i stripped off the tri shorts and threw on running gear and headed over to the trails where a photographer friend had asked for models he could practice on. i haven’t seen all the shots he took but my last post was one of my favorite of what i’ve seen so far. all in all we probably added another two miles to the run as he scouted locations.

sunday there was supposed to be a group heading to new-to-me trails at a place called wekiwa springs but everyone ended up bailing except for me and the wingman. the trails were pretty rough. lots of sand in parts and crazy roots and mud for a stretch that was nearly impassable. but we got in an 11-mile loop that was rewarded with a refreshing dip into the 72 degree water of crystal clear springs. i wouldn’t say the trails were my favorite so chances are i won’t be rushing back there anytime again soon but it made for a new adventure which is always fun. and the springs after the run … what a perfect way to cool down!

i’m not sure yet how i’m going to handle my tri on the 19th. i want to kill it but given it’s the weekend before MCM i don’t want to do anything stupid. i still haven’t really been in the water since augusta. seriously not one lap in over a year. but i’m not too worried about a .33 mile swim. assuming that is i don’t panic in open water which is always a possibility. i caught myself looking up old results yesterday. i like to think i might be able to place in my age group but again, i don’t know if racing hard is an intelligent choice. of course this is me we’re talking about so i’m not sure there’s any other way.

this coming weekend will be one last semi-long. and then it’s time to taper. not my favorite part of training by any means but a necessary evil to let the body, mind and soul rest and ready.

October 8, 2013 at 9:47 am Leave a comment

training update

obviously my MCM training fell off the blog radar almost as soon as it began. a combination of physical issues and the emotional dislike of sharing when i’m not on target. but fact is, i’ve got a marathon in eight weeks and not writing about it isn’t going to make things go any more or less perfect.

i am running again. somewhat regularly. though my plan has gone to hell in a hand basket. last saturday i got back up to a 12-miler ~ at croom 🙂 ~ which is exactly what i needed! i’ve been so sick of the road. craving the woods. it wasn’t the best run of all time but there was no knee pain. my calf was a little sore and my itb was hell for a couple days after but it was worth it.


that’s a happy runner 🙂

i’ve been seeing the yankee at least once a week for treatment. it’s hard to say what’s really going on this time given every time i’m in to see him the pain is someplace different. but my feeling is that this and just about every injury and issue i’ve had in the past are all caused by my pelvis. old shoes, over training or wrong surface throws me of balance and tightens the glutes and quad. when those muscles are jacked, i can’t manipulate my SI back into joint. it’s a chain reaction that likely could be at least semi-curtailed if i’d go in for regular maintenance massage versus simply waiting until i’m screwed. 

the other issue i’m having lately is a lack of energy. somehow somewhere i crashed. hard. some mornings even four miles are a struggle and i’m not sure why. after a brief experiment of going meatless, i have altered my diet in a lot of ways which i can only assume is throwing off my nutritional balance so i’m hoping iron and b12 supplements will help. and at least for now i’m eating the meat i’m losing the taste for more and more every day. 

tomorrow i’m aiming for 16 miles. paved but in what i’ve heard is a beautiful route. a strong run would help alleviate the little bit of self doubt that’s been creeping in as of late. i know i can run MCM. i even feel pretty secure i can PR. but i want that sub-4 so bad!

September 6, 2013 at 11:41 am 1 comment

ocean front property in arizona

i very rarely write about work. in spite of some of the chaos and craziness i share, i try to err on the side of professionalism. but i’m standing on the edge of something new and i’m scared to death.

i’ve only been in my current job for about seven months. but i knew at only a few weeks that it wasn’t a good fit. there’s a negativity. a lead by intimidation and threat. an acceptance of backstabbing to avoid responsibility. it’s a toxic environment and one i’ve known i need to escape. but in spite of the unhappiness, i haven’t wholeheartedly looked. i’ve applied here and there. i’ve put the resume out. but admittedly i haven’t given the hunt 100 percent. maybe because i didn’t have the time or energy. maybe because it’s easy to become complacent. maybe because i always knew what was waiting in the wings.

for the last five years or so one of the vendors i use has been trying to get me to come work for him. he’s one of the elite. the natural born salesman. not the used-car guy but the confident, honest, solid business man. and his claim has always been that i am too. only three percent of the population has “it” he says, and you are one of us.

but i’m a parent. a single-income household of more than enough bills. my paycheck takes care of that and leaves for a little fun on the side. though honestly not much more. i fear commission. fear the unknown direct deposit. and though he’s always offered up a guarantee, it’s never been enough to even consider. but last week, at another lunch, another let’s talk about it hour, i told him to man up and put a different number on the table. and he did. it’s a pay cut for me. a payout increase for him. a meet in the middle i wasn’t sure would ever happen.

and i accepted.

tomorrow i put in notice. two weeks until i leap off a cliff into the potential realm of the i’m-broke-ramen-noodle diet. but six months to a year before i truly believe pray i can make this worth my while. i’ve prepped the kid for extra-carricular cutbacks. i’ve scaled back my hopes and dreams of paying down the life debt. sacrifices i hope can some day reap reward.

i’m a little on the stubborn side. confident enough. and i have all the faith in the world i will rock this job. sure … and if you believe that … i’ve got some ocean front property in arizona i can sell you too!

June 23, 2013 at 7:09 pm 6 comments

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